24 November 2016

It's so hard to believe the most wonderful time of the year is just right around the corner. We are exactly four weeks away from Christmas Eve friends! While I normally wait until the first day of December to allow myself to get into full Christmas mode, I'm hoping that by then I'll at least have the majority of my shopping done. Fingers are staying crossed on that one.

I love giving gifts and searching for things that I hope people will love! I'm a firm believer that a gift should be less about the price tag, and more about showing the person that you really thought about them.

And your best friend is one person in your life that deserves some extra thought put into their gift. However, if you've been wracking your brain trying to find something that your friend may need or truly enjoy and still coming up short, I've put together some BFF certified ideas to try and help!

Gift Guide for Your Bestie

One thing I love about this time of the year is the million great gift ideas floating around out in the blog world. I mean, who doesn't love getting some help in the shopping department? Especially when you don't have to move from your couch to do so! 

I hope you enjoy them too because I'm hoping to share more in the next week or two!

Until next time.

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