09 November 2016

Bridal Party Gifts

As soon as our wedding date was set and the venue was booked, the next thing we immediately started talking about was our bridal party.  Todd and I knew exactly who we each wanted to ask, and it turned out great because we both ended up with a lucky number of 4. I've heard choosing a bridal party can be one of the harder decisions when it comes to planning (I'm assuming the guest list and seating chart is right at the top of that list--uggh, I totally forgot I have the dreaded seating chart to deal with in the near future), but we were fortunate enough that this wasn't such a difficult one for us.

There were definitely people we would have loved to include, but it ultimately came down to four of our best/ closest/ can't imagine not having them in our lives friends.

When we talked about how we were going to ask them, I knew I wanted to do a little something more creative than asking them over the phone or sending them a text message. I thought about doing up gift baskets or buying cute little personalized gifts, but I quickly had to scrap that idea when I started to do the math on how much that would cost for 8 people.

After a little searching on Etsy, I stumbled across the most adorable shop InklingsPaperie who sell the cutest cards ever. The moment I laid my eyes on them I knew it was the perfect way to ask our bridal party. And plus, it gave us a fun way to tell them how much they mean to us. And since Todd is the type who finds it hard to have heartfelt conversations, he was totally on board with the idea of writing what he wanted to say.

We had so much fun handing these out to our friends and watching them scratch their cards! I think we enjoyed it even more than the people scratching them. One of the guys Todd gave the card to somehow read his card out loud (and so serious/ confused) as, "Dude, shut up!".  I don't think we laughed so hard before. Maybe you had to be there!

We have a lot of great people in our lives and getting to celebrate our wedding with all the people we love is something we can not wait for.

Eeeek, if I haven't said it a million times already (you know it's only going to get sooooo much worse though, right?), I'm so excited about all the wedding festivities coming up in the next year!

PS: If you're ever on the hunt for cute personalized gifts/ supplies, go check out the Etsy shop- they have everything! I'm completely hooked!

Until next time.

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