22 November 2016

It all started a few months ago on a lonely and boring night. The addiction that is.

I was at work, passing away time on the internet (and the award for the best employee goes to...), when I stumbled across a post talking about how Netflix was bringing back the show Gilmore Girls, calling it the revival: a year in the life.

I remembered this show from back when I was in high school, but I'm sure I could have counted the number of episodes I actually watched on one hand alone. I remember knowing it was about a mother and daughter and that a lot of talking was involved, but that was about it.

Well, later that evening when I got home from work and finished my normal routine, I sat down on the couch and thought about what I was going to watch for the next hour or two before it was time to go to bed. I was in such a total TV funk. There was not one thing I was interested in, and that was becoming a problem because when you're by yourself at 8 o'clock in the night, there's not a whole lot more that you want to do other than to relax and watch some light hearted TV. But thinking back to earlier that day, I flicked through Netflix and there it was....all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls.

A full show of something I had never watched before. And 7 seasons at that.

I was praying that this was a show I could be interested in because with 150+ episodes to go, I knew my TV funk would officially be over. So I pressed play. And then play again. And then "Yes, I'm still watching" to Netflix's reminder that you've been watching something for far too long, until a couple of weeks ago when I finished the entire series. And now I'm back to pressing play again on some of my favourite older episodes.

They say there will never be a show quite like it, and I have to agree, partly because I only understood about three quarters of what everyone was saying the entire time. But with witty, fun personalities and an ungodly love of coffee, I was instantly drawn in.

"Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen!"

"I need coffee, whatever form you got it, I haven't had it all day. I'll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it's in."

It's a show that makes you feel both smart and dumb, all at the same time. Smart because you're watching something with so many references and big words, and dumb because you have absolutely no idea what those references and big words are. It's a show with a theme song that you can't hear without singing along. It's one that makes you want to be a part of the Gilmore clan and take part in the drama filled Friday night dinners. One that makes you long for a fast metabolism so you can binge on pop tarts, pizza, Chinese food from Al's Pancake World and, of course, endless breakfasts and dinners at Luke's Diner. Where Stars Hallow is a place you want to live because it's filled with endless amounts of quirky neighbours and a Kirk who is employed at every place you go.

But through the abnormally fast dialect, in the end, it's all about the love and friendship between a mother and a daughter, friends, parents, neighbours and a community. It's about sitting down over a good cup of coffee and having good conversations (and food) with those you enjoy being around.

And just when my TV funk was slowly starting to creep back, come Friday, the super fast talkers Lorelai and Rory, along with all of our favourite characters, are back for the start of a four part episode. Until then, I'll be counting down the hours while watching reruns and making sure I don't get low on my stash of Keurig cups sitting in my cupboard.

"Yeah, that's me! I'm fast. I'm the perfect storm of caffeine and genetics."

Will you be watching? If so, what are some things you're hoping to see?

Is team Dean vs. team Jess still lingering or is Logan or a new guy in the picture? What's happened with Luke and Lorelai? Or the relationship between Lorelai and her parents? So many questions and hopefully we'll find out soon!

Take a peak at the trailer if you need a little something to get you through to Friday.

Until next time.