For all the years Todd and I have been out in the "real world" working, we have never once been on the same schedule. Not once. We were pretty close a few years back but, even then, Todd had to leave so early in the mornings for work I was still in bed dreaming (and more than likely snoring) away and then the poor thing wouldn't stroll home in the evenings until an hour or two after me.

But last week we had a chance to not only finally be on the same work schedule, but to actually go to work the same office!! 

A few weeks ago I talked about how I started a new job. What I didn't mention was that it was actually for the same company Todd has been working with for the last 6 years, just in a different location. He's never once had to work from my office in all of those years, so I couldn't believe that not only 3 weeks into my new job, Todd would be joining me for a full week! 

You could say that knowing we'd be braving the Monday morning storm together made last Sunday evening a lot more bearable than normal ones. We packed our lunches together and I watched Todd be all cute while he picked out his "business casual" outfit (since jeans is his normal attire).

6 o'clock the next morning, both of our alarms went off and we jumped up excited to start the day together. It was a fun and smooth sailing Monday morning. And not only did I make him be the driver, I also made him take selfies with me when we parked. Because we all know the saying- if you don't take a picture of what you're doing, did it ever really happen? My thoughts exactly!

And then off we went....

Our offices were on separate floors and that first day we never visited each other once. I think we were both trying to keep our distance because subconsciously we didn't want to be labelled as the office couple. But then lunch time came around and I'm pretty sure it became obvious when people saw us sitting all by ourselves at a table (remember I'm still a newbie!), hauling out the exact same items from our lunch bags: an egg wrap, a yogurt, a small baggie of carrots and 2 clementines each. We should have just went ahead and written the word 'couple' on our foreheads.

5:30 came, we met each other near the entrance and walked to our car together. We talked on the way home about our day and how fun it was to be going home the same time. We stopped into my parents for dinner and then headed home. Beat from a long day, we watched some tv and crawled into bed at the wild time of 9 o'clock. 

And then it seemed the excitement of working together slowly started to dwindle a little day by day. The snooze button returned to being pushed it's normal amount of times and the saying, "I can't wait to sleep in" was mumbled more and more. 

Come Thursday morning we were arguing about who was going to make lunches since we started to slack off on the night before work prep!

"Can you get our stuff ready?" Todd asked.

"But I'm not nearly close to being ready" I shouted out to him from the other bathroom.

And with that I heard feet thumping down the hall towards the kitchen, deliberately loud enough to be heard and to make a statement.

But we survived our week (and probably only week) working together. It was fun and, even with the newness wearing off a bit, I wish we could do it more often. But, it's Sunday evening again and with Todd having the week off and me driving to work in the morning myself, things are back to normal. Well, somewhat...little does Todd know I'll be bugging him to make my lunch in the morning since it doesn't look like I'm going to be making it before bed! :)

Have a great week, friends! Friday will be here before we know it!

Until next time.