31 December 2016

It's December 31st, the very last day of 2016. Tomorrow we'll be into a new month and a brand new year. Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday when I was sitting on an old couch at a friends New Years Eve house party in 1999, just waiting for the clock to strike 12 and secretly pretending not to be nervous about all the computers shutting down, or worse, all of us falling off the face of the planet. Thankfully 2017 doesn't have all that Y2K and Millennium stuff surrounding it, because even 17 years later I could guarantee you that I'd still be secretly pretending not to be nervous about falling off the face of the planet again. Thanks anxiety for that.

I feel like every time I come here I end up talking about time, and how fast it's going, and what a scary feeling that is. And here I am again today, doing the exact same thing. I've heard so many people say though, "the older you get, the faster time goes", and now at 31 I'm starting to realize there's actually some truth to what everyone has been telling me all these years.

Along with that, I've also realized more than ever just how precious that time is. Maybe it's anxiety (thanks again, anxiety!), or maybe it's because the older you get the wiser you become but, either way, it's true. Every year, every month, and every day. It's all so very precious.

It's funny how with the turn of just one calendar page you find yourself asking questions while reflecting back on your previous year. Was 2016 good to you? Were there any major events that happened? What were the good things? And the not so good things? Were there things you wish you could have done differently? Or were there things you thought about making happen this time last year that actually happened?

Over the last few days I've thought a lot about 2016. It was definitely a quieter year, but from the roller coaster year that was 2015, I guess quiet isn't such a bad thing after all. We finally made wedding plans, my sister and I took my mom on a trip to San Francisco for her 60th birthday, I started a new job, my sister became pregnant on baby #3, and I started writing here again in the fall after a two year hiatus.

Thank you 2016 for the milestones, the strength and courage, the utmost appreciation, the laughter, the few tears, the best family and love, the good friends, the fun and exciting adventures, and so, so, soooo much more!

They say, "you should only look back to see how far you've come", so I hope if you're looking back too today at 2016 you can see how far you have come, no matter what this year had in store for you.

Have a fun New Years Eve!

Until next time.


24 December 2016

The house is dark, the tree lights are on, and Todd is now sleeping on the couch while 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' is on in the background. It feels so cozy here, just like Christmas Eve always does! Since we have plans in a couple of hours to head out to his brothers for a little get together, I decided to pour myself a cup of coffee and come here, instead of the only other option - falling asleep myself!!

We were extremely late getting home from a friends house last night celebrating Tibb's Eve. Have you heard of that before? In short, it's a Newfoundland tradition that involves having a few drinks on December 23rd to celebrate the start of the Christmas season.

"The tradition of Tibb's Eve originates on the South Coast of Newfoundland after World War 11. At the time, small outport communities were very religious and observed the Advent period as strictly and soberly as they did Lent. Tibb's Eve was a loosening of the restraint. So, it became a tradition for men to go to each others' houses the night before Christmas Eve, where they could "sample" all the goodies planned for Christmas. Lighthearted and humorous, it was a way to extend the season and tip a glass with your neighbours". 

Although we had a slower (and harder) start to the day, we pulled through and went out for breakfast, played with Charley at the park for a bit, and squeezed in a couple of Christmas movies. Since Todd only got home on Wednesday after being gone for 3 weeks, it was so nice to spend the full day together, just the two of us, especially before all the family and friend gatherings begin!

This Christmas will be a little different for us this year. My parents are away with my sister and her family in Toronto, and normally we would always spend it together...all 8 of us! But despite missing my family, I'm still extremely looking forward to me and Todd having our own little Christmas morning together. 

The treats are made, all the presents are wrapped (quite in advance actually...go me!!!), and now it's time to just sit back and relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends because that's what it's all about - spending time with loved ones!

Don't forget to indulge in some extra treats and give those around you extra, extra love. I can definitely assure you those two things will not be too difficult for me to do over the next few days. I'm already prepared to have the stretchiest pants I own on repeat!! Tis the season, right?  And January 1st along with New Year's resolutions are also just right around the corner, right?  Right!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I truly hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Until next time.


16 December 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! It feels like it's been a long time since I've been around here so I figured I'd stop in today to say hi and to share a few updates! So, first of all, hello there! How's December treating you so far? I seriously can't get over how fast these last couple of weeks have gone. I guess that's what happens though during the busiest month of the year!  Time is flying by and before we know it, Christmas will be over and we'll be into 2017. Gasp!!

Before I go too far off into the future though, let's back up a bit shall we?

- I was recently in Alberta again for a week of work. The days were long and the temperatures were horrible, but it was a lot of fun and a great experience. Our company took us out for a Christmas dinner while we were there and it was great getting to hang out with the new people I've met outside of work. What wasn't so great though was having a little too much to drink that night and getting up at 5AM to work a 10 hour day, only then to go straight to the airport and wait 6 hours for my 1AM overnight flight. Boy, that was rough, and obviously not the smartest decision I've ever made in my life. Luckily my friend who lives close to the airport (and who I don't get to see often), came and picked me up for dinner, which helped pass away some time for my sleepy self!

- With a connecting flight in Toronto, a stop into the MAC store was a must. Since we don't have one here, I can never not pass through without doing a little airport shopping! And, since I'm always on the hunt to find the perfect nude lipstick, I picked up the colour Creme D'Nude to add to my collection. 

- Have you watched the new Gilmore Girls episodes? I tried to spread out watching them but, before I knew it, the weekend that they were released was over and so were the episodes. As much as I loved the revival, I was also a little disappointed. I mean, the ending?! I read after that apparently that was how the creator always intended the show to originally end. But still. I also could have done without the couple of musicals that they through in there, which seemed to last forever. I also didn't love the whole Rory and Logan affair dynamic thing going on. But, I am sad to see the show officially be all over.

- Speaking of TV, guess what starts up again in just a few short weeks? The Bachelor!! One of my favourite parts about the show is not only watching, but getting online after and reading peoples thoughts about the latest episode. Since it's become a little obsession of mine, I'm thinking about writing weekly posts of my own. We shall see. I still don't want to get too carried away over here with this blog of mine!

- The weather this week has been absolutely horrible. It's been snowing (a lot) every single day. You go to bed, you wake up, and your driveway is full. You get off work, you come home, and your driveway is full. It's been a vicious cycle! The positive? It looks like we'll have a white Christmas. Oh, and it sure is beautiful to look at.

- Despite the weather, I've been getting outside on my lunch break and walking; something I've never done before. My new office is right next to a beautiful park and I've been loving getting up from my desk, stretching my legs and breathing in the rigid cold fresh air!! 

- Todd gets home from work in a few days and I can't wait to do some fun Christmas things together. We already have a few things in mind that we want to do, starting with making Christmas slush. My family has been making this during the holidays for as long as I can remember, and since my family will be away this year, myself and Todd will be keeping the tradition alive!

I think that's it for the week. I'm off to watch another Christmas movie. Have a great weekend!

Until next time.


08 December 2016

I have another round of gift ideas coming your way today. Are you sick of these yet? 

Well, if you've decided to stick around (oh hey there!) and you still need some ideas for finding cute and affordable gifts for someone in your life, then I'm hoping I can help you with that!

I love looking for creative gifts and since I often spend hours browsing online trying to find those great items for my own shopping lists, I figured why not share some of those ideas here! As much as I love doing these though, I've been realizing I've been pretty much just shopping for me, and me only! Anything that I love and would want for myself, after I finish lusting over it, I immediately add it to the gift guide. Let's hope you guys like the same stuff as I do!! Luckily I've had some self control along the way and haven't purchased any of these items for myself yet. But, that's not to say that a certain someone (ahem, Todd) needs to have that same self control when shopping for another certain someone! ;) 

Affordable Gift Ideas

3. Tuque
6. Fresh Sugar Lip Set (new one!)

Do you have a go-to store when shopping for gifts? Mine would probably be Chapters. I could spend hours browsing through their store or online. They have so many cute and unique gifts that are perfect for any person or occasion! I think I have 5 items linked above that are all from Chapters! 

Happy shopping, everyone!

Until next time.


07 December 2016

I can't believe we're into the month of December already you guys!

Does anyone else love the time leading up to Christmas just as much, if not more, than Christmas? I just love all the fun things that come along with the holiday season. The feeling that the month of December brings is really like no other.

The lights, the window displays, the family get togethers, the red cups at Starbucks, the Christmas parties, the music, the glittery clothes, the food, the movies...ahhhh, the movies! I have watched more Christmas movies over the last couple of weeks than I think I have in all of my 31 years of life combined! And I'm not talking about your classic Christmas movies. Nope, I'm talking about the cheesy Hallmark ones. Oh how I love those Hallmark movies!

This weekend officially kick started the Christmas festivities. Saturday night I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends, and it was the perfect way to start the season of the red lip! Since I'm more of a natural lipstick lover, this is the month I try and force myself to take any red lipsticks I own out of hibernating, at least for a few weeks.

Since my parents are spending Christmas at my sister's in Toronto this year, we had to have our family get together (on my mom's side) on Sunday. My mom and aunt put together a trivia game with questions about all of our family members and we had so much fun taking turns hearing everyone's answers. It was such a great day spending it together.

So much has changed with our family over the last few years. We've not only gained some family members, but have also lost some too. This family of mine is, hands down, the strongest group of people I know, and each and every one of them means so much to me.

Last week also came with our first official snow fall. Now while I don't normally love to see snow, I do welcome it with open arms during the month of December. I think we can all agree it really adds to the feeling of the season!! Nothing beats snuggling underneath warm blankets while your Christmas tree lights are on and the snow is falling so pretty outside. 

I have a feeling that this is going to be a pretty great month!

What are some of your favourite things about the holiday season?

Until next time.


01 December 2016

They're here, they're here! All of the Sephora items that I ordered during the VIB Rouge sale are finally here! 

They've actually been sitting in my bedroom untouched for a couple of weeks now, just waiting for me to stop being so lazy to snap a picture of them, but with a Sephora haul like this one, I figured a dramatic statement to start was definitely the better way to go.

Then again, I could have just started with this picture of all the stacked boxes to really make a statement. I still haven't quite decided if I should be impressed or ashamed that I'm the one responsible for this picture. The jury is still out on that one. 

Isn't it the best feeling though when you open your mailbox to finally see those packages that you've been dying to get waiting for since you placed your online order? It is, isn't it? But do you know what can cause that feeling to suddenly go down the toilet in a matter of 2.5 seconds? Having your significant other check the mail before you do. Yup, that'll do it!

I feel like I should have written a post called "Tips for Placing a Huge Online Makeup Order". It would have been a pretty short post considering the only tip would be this - For the love of god, make sure you hide any and all mail keys from your partner, stalk your mailman from your order date to the time it gets delivered, then hide your packages in the trunk of your car while you're brainstorming a strategy to sneak them in your house. Super simple, but simple effective!

But I kid. It wasn't that bad, I only got a few "are you crazy?" looks from Todd. And I don't blame him 'cause I asked myself that same question a few times when I came home and saw those boxes towering over sitting on our counter. It was only until l I ripped them all open that I realized it wasn't as bad as it looked. Maybe the buyers high and denial had kicked in. Thankfully the remorse part never did! ;)

Here's a list of the products:

I'm not going to go into much detail about them because, besides for a few, the majority are ones I've never tried before (you can read my earlier post about my top Sephora picks). The Urban Decay spray and Makeup Forever HD powder were both picked up on a whim, so I opted for the travel sizes with those to be on the safe side. I was talked into the YSL BB cream from the girl working at Sephora (fingers are crossed on that one!). The Tarte blush in exposed was recommended by a friend as the perfect everyday blush, and the Bite Beauty mini lipstick kit caught my eye from Carly's post.

So now that I've taken pictures and talked about them, I guess the next thing would be to decide which ones I'm going to start using right away and which ones I'm giving Todd to put in my stocking for Christmas, because that was obviously the first thing that came out of my mouth when he gave me those crazy stares!  I'd like to think I'm really good at justifying things!! 

Until next time.