I have another round of gift ideas coming your way today. Are you sick of these yet? 

Well, if you've decided to stick around (oh hey there!) and you still need some ideas for finding cute and affordable gifts for someone in your life, then I'm hoping I can help you with that!

I love looking for creative gifts and since I often spend hours browsing online trying to find those great items for my own shopping lists, I figured why not share some of those ideas here! As much as I love doing these though, I've been realizing I've been pretty much just shopping for me, and me only! Anything that I love and would want for myself, after I finish lusting over it, I immediately add it to the gift guide. Let's hope you guys like the same stuff as I do!! Luckily I've had some self control along the way and haven't purchased any of these items for myself yet. But, that's not to say that a certain someone (ahem, Todd) needs to have that same self control when shopping for another certain someone! ;) 

3. Tuque
6. Fresh Sugar Lip Set (new one!)

Do you have a go-to store when shopping for gifts? Mine would probably be Chapters. I could spend hours browsing through their store or online. They have so many cute and unique gifts that are perfect for any person or occasion! I think I have 5 items linked above that are all from Chapters! 

Happy shopping, everyone!

Until next time.