They're here, they're here! All of the Sephora items that I ordered during the VIB Rouge sale are finally here! 

They've actually been sitting in my bedroom untouched for a couple of weeks now, just waiting for me to stop being so lazy to snap a picture of them, but with a Sephora haul like this one, I figured a dramatic statement to start was definitely the better way to go.

Then again, I could have just started with this picture of all the stacked boxes to really make a statement. I still haven't quite decided if I should be impressed or ashamed that I'm the one responsible for this picture. The jury is still out on that one. 

Isn't it the best feeling though when you open your mailbox to finally see those packages that you've been dying to get waiting for since you placed your online order? It is, isn't it? But do you know what can cause that feeling to suddenly go down the toilet in a matter of 2.5 seconds? Having your significant other check the mail before you do. Yup, that'll do it!

I feel like I should have written a post called "Tips for Placing a Huge Online Makeup Order". It would have been a pretty short post considering the only tip would be this - For the love of god, make sure you hide any and all mail keys from your partner, stalk your mailman from your order date to the time it gets delivered, then hide your packages in the trunk of your car while you're brainstorming a strategy to sneak them in your house. Super simple, but simple effective!

But I kid. It wasn't that bad, I only got a few "are you crazy?" looks from Todd. And I don't blame him 'cause I asked myself that same question a few times when I came home and saw those boxes towering over sitting on our counter. It was only until l I ripped them all open that I realized it wasn't as bad as it looked. Maybe the buyers high and denial had kicked in. Thankfully the remorse part never did! ;)

Here's a list of the products:

I'm not going to go into much detail about them because, besides for a few, the majority are ones I've never tried before (you can read my earlier post about my top Sephora picks). The Urban Decay spray and Makeup Forever HD powder were both picked up on a whim, so I opted for the travel sizes with those to be on the safe side. I was talked into the YSL BB cream from the girl working at Sephora (fingers are crossed on that one!). The Tarte blush in exposed was recommended by a friend as the perfect everyday blush, and the Bite Beauty mini lipstick kit caught my eye from Carly's post.

So now that I've taken pictures and talked about them, I guess the next thing would be to decide which ones I'm going to start using right away and which ones I'm giving Todd to put in my stocking for Christmas, because that was obviously the first thing that came out of my mouth when he gave me those crazy stares!  I'd like to think I'm really good at justifying things!! 

Until next time.