A while back when I was thinking of things I wanted to talk about here with regards to our wedding and the whole planning process, I immediately had the idea of doing a little Q&A that would involve the groom-to-be or, as we all know him as, Todd. With less than 5 months to go (Eeeek!) and a lot of the planning already behind us, I figured what better time to do this then....right now!

I made up a pile of random questions that related to our wedding and sent them to Todd and, as always, he was such a great sport! Fun fact about Todd - he is always up for anything, which is one of the many, many things I love about him. Besides adding in a few periods (what can I say, the boy loves run on sentences), his answers were copied over untouched! I also added a few notes of my own, which you can see below his.

His responses were so fun to read and I know it will be even more enjoyable (and special) reading these after our wedding when we're looking back on the time leading up to the big day!

Todd came with me to a Bridal Show and even posed for this
silly picture (although I'm sure his embarrassment was through the roof!)

1) What do you think has been the easiest decision to make so far while planning our wedding?
Todd: The venue. We would look at other places but would always go back to the place we booked.
Me: The quickest decision has been picking out my wedding dress (which really gives me the willies when I think about that), but I think the easiest has been picking the cake and DJ vendors!

2) What do you think has been the hardest?
Todd: I would say the date. We were engaged for a couple years before we could make that decision.
Me: Yup, picking a date took forever. But once that was finally done, picking the colour of the bridesmaid dresses was by far the hardest! Who would have thought?!

3) What are you looking forward to the most about the wedding day?
Todd: Seeing you in your dress and just enjoying the night and having fun. I really want me and you to just take it all in.
Me: Soooo many things, but I'll narrow it down to 3: getting ready with the girls, walking down the aisle and seeing Todd, and dancing and celebrating with everyone that evening as Mr & Mrs!

4) What's your biggest worry about the day?
Todd: One of the vendors we have booked not showing up and we end up having to order Greco pizza for supper...actually I'm not opposed to that!
Me: [Laughs]. I agree! And I'm sure just like every other bride, the weather. Positive thoughts...

5) Do you think you're going to be calm or nervous that day?
Todd: Nervous right up until the ceremony but after that I think I'll be fine....until I have to say something in the evening lol.
Me: Definitely nervous before the ceremony too, only because I hate the idea of everyone looking at me! I think once I see Todd and the day becomes more relaxed the nerves will quickly go away.

6) How do you picture my dress?
Todd: I think it's going to be an off white colour, tight just below the hips and then it will flare out. But I think you will look amazing in whatever style you have.
Me: I guess we shall soon see! :) Oh, and good answer on that last part, Todd!!

7) What song are you looking forward to letting lose at?
Todd: Giants by Matt Nathanson.
Me: [No clue...googling that song!]. Probably a good ole Newfie song like "A Time Tonight" or one of those old, traditional songs that always gets played at weddings. They always make me want to dance!

8) Who do you think will be the most "over served" that night?
Todd: My brother Matthew. He always takes the heat off everyone else at events like this!
Me: I agree with that one too. Hopefully it won't be you, Todd!!!! (or my dad!!)

9) Do you plan on doing a garter dance?
Todd: I haven't really thought about it. I guess I'll have to see how the drinks are going down. Just kidding!
Me: He's totally not kidding....

10) Are you happy with the amount of involvement you've had with the planning so far?
Todd: Yes I am but with a question like that I'm assuming you think I should have been more involved so I guess I'll say I could have been more involved.
Me: [Chuckles!]. That's not where I was going with that question at all. I actually think you've been extremely involved and it's been so fun deciding things together!

11) On a scale from 1-10, how bridezilla-like have I been?
Todd: You've been awesome and I really can't complain about anything besides the bridesmaids colours.
Me: Let's hope it stays this way!!

12) What do you plan on doing the night before our wedding?
Todd: I'd say just chilling out with you and our families in the evening and then we'll go our separate ways. I'm sure I'll be taking a Melatonin that night.
Me: We'll be sharing that bottle of Melatonin! 

13) Do you plan on calling me the morning of?
Todd: Yes I do and maybe send over a little surprise for you. Also to make sure you're still going.
Me: [Laughing so hard].

14) What do you think we'll do that night after our wedding?
Todd: Go back to our own house, get some food, and sleep...yes, sleep!
Me: Absolutely! Sleep and cuddle! [laughs]

15) What's the one thing you've learned so far through wedding planning?
Todd: They're expensive!
Me: Ditto! Oh, and everything here in Newfoundland books up sooooo fast!

16) Do you think it's going to feel any different after we're married?
Todd: I do and I don't. Although we've been together for so long I do think it will feel a little different.
Me: Maybe right after when we're on a high, but I think it'll soon start to feel normal again (until I have to get used to calling you my husband...insert wide eyed emoji!)

17) Be honest, are you looking forward to the wedding or the honeymoon more?
Todd: The wedding. I'm so excited. Although I'm not going to complain about the honeymoon either.
Me: I'm surprised with that answer, but I agree! As excited as I am for our honeymoon, I'm even more excited for our wedding, which shows just how excited I am.

18) Is there any advice you would want to give to grooms-to-be at this point?
Todd: Going to wedding shows with your fiancé isn't actually that bad. 
Me: I never understand when some grooms say they've just sat back and watched their fiance plan it all without even knowing what's going on. While you probably don't care about the small stuff, at least get involved with the bigger things! It can actually be fun!!!

19) Any advice you could give to brides-to-be at this point?
Todd: Cloudy is better than larkspur hahaha
Me: [Laughing out loud again]. I read somewhere that you should create a separate email address so you have all your wedding information in one place. Of course I had to read that after months into would have been great to do!

20) Any last things to say?
Todd: I am so excited and can't wait to be married to you! And this was kind of fun to answer!
Me: I agree with both, future hubby!! :)  

Well, there you have it, a little insight into our thoughts on our wedding so far. This really has been a lot of fun. I wonder how different some of these answers will be after our wedding!

Hope you enjoyed reading...

Until next time.

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