Boy, I'm super late getting around to these Bachelor recaps! I was away for work over the last few weeks working long hours which caused me to a) not only miss the episodes when they aired since I was in bed at 8pm every night (I kid you not!), but then b) not be able to write about them when I finally got the episodes downloaded on my computer since, again, I was in bed at 8pm every night. But, thankfully I'm home now, work has returned to normal human hours, and I'm back to my usual but oh so much later bedtime of 9:30pm (still not kidding you!). There's a lot to talk about right now so before the clock strikes 12:00 9:30, let's get right to it!

First things first, Nick and Vanessa's one on one date. These are big words that are about to come out of my mouth right now buuutttttt I think this was my favourite first one on one date that I've ever watched on the Bachelor...and let me tell you I've watched quite a few! I was liking Vanessa before this date (of course I have to cheer on our Canadian gal!), but I fell in love with both her and her and Nick as a couple in this episode. They were so cute jumping around together in that plane and it looked like they were having soooo much fun, up until the part where Vanessa turned a pale shade of green and started throwing up that is. Luckily for her though, Nick was there to comfort her, and even kiss her, in between the multiple barf bags that were being passed around. Nick - "you still taste fine"! Anyone else curious as to what special gum they were chewing?

And then later while Vanessa was sipping water throughout that night (poor thing!), Nick told her how he's already starting to care a lot for her and how she makes him feel more optimistic about this process actually working out. Didn't they both seem extremely comfortable with each other? Not in a boring comfortable way, just in an effortless kind of way. I absolutely loved watching them together. Okay, moving on from #TeamVanessa....

Over the last two episodes Corinne continued to be...well, Corinne. The girls learned about her nanny Raquel, Nick was enticed with a trench coat and whipped cream, as well as some bouncy castle fun, she took a nap throughout the rose ceremony, and complained about having to do "poopy" farm chores and "planned" dancing during the Backstreet Boys concert. It was in that later moment where we saw her insecurities shine through her normally overly confident self as she was taken out of her bouncy castle comfort zone. Although it's hard to relate to Corinne on so many things, I could relate to her and actually felt for her a little when she said, "I feel so self conscious and I'm trying to be myself, and because I'm trying so hard it's making me even be less like myself". I totally get that!

And while I'm no where near being on #TeamCorinne (is there even anyone on that team?), I didn't seem to mind her as much these last two episodes and, in fact, I was finding her more comical than anything. Maybe that's what happens when you go beyond the point of understanding someone, you start to find them funny! Although if I hear her say "we're trying to get engaged here" one more time, someone better hand me Vanessa's barf bag pronto.

What do you think, do you think Nick likes Corinne? Do you think it goes beyond the physical attraction? I go back and forth on this one sometimes, but ultimately I think no. This isn't Nick's first Bachelor rodeo, he knows she makes good, albeit slightly annoying and rated R, entertainment. Plus, I'm sure he really is having fun just jumping around in that bouncy castle......  ;)

I have to give props to Vanessa for calling Nick out on that one. While I'm sure there's somewhat of an idea what you're getting your self into when you sign up to do a show where you're dating the same guy as 20+ other girls, I'm also pretty sure she didn't expect to see Nick "riding" Corinne (her word's, not mine!) right after the great date they just had. Instead of blaming Corinne, I liked how she said, "I'm not judging Corinne, I'm judging your actions". But I think we can all agree that we were still judging Corrine too!

Danielle L. got the first one on one date in Nick's hometown in Wisconsin. While I really like her, I just wasn't loving them together during their date. I'm not sure if it's because she seemed really nervous (which isn't an abnormal thing considering there are, in fact, cameras following her around), or if it's just I don't feel like they have any chemistry. Either way, something was missing (besides half her dress...I really couldn't resist that one!). But she definitely deserves some credit for having to dance on display in front of a crowd, not once, but twice. Also, did anyone find it a little strange when she was talking to Nick about her parents getting a divorce and how it's made her not to want to rush into any relationship or marriage? Has anyone not told her what's supposed to happen at the end of this?

Raven had the next one on one date, and she was the lucky (or not so lucky) girl to meet Nick's parents and his sister.  I remember one of the things I really liked about Nick from other season's was seeing the relationship he had with his mom, so it was really nice seeing the two of them together again in this episode. We know from other times just how worried she was about Nick getting his heart broken, so I'm pretty sure she was holding on for dear life while he was filming this season. Hopefully the 4th time is the charm, mama bear! Also, how great was it when his dad said this....

I like Raven and am liking her more and more every time I see her. She seems really nice and genuine, and she's funny in a subtle way. However, maybe my standards were set too high after Vanessa's one on date though, because again I just wasn't completely sold on hers and Nick's chemistry either. But it's still too early at this point to really tell! I have to remind myself these were all just the FIRST dates. I'm pretty sure we'll get to see a lot more of both her and Danielle L. coming up though.

The episode left off with Taylor and Corinne sitting by the fire, arguing over who was the most mature.  I don't have a lot to say about this, but I'm sure we'll get to see more of them battling it out again next week.

That reminds me, where has Danielle M. been the last few episodes? She's starting to slip off my radar!

Favourite saying
"How do you have all that energy for whipped cream but not be standing there trying to get your rose"? - Jasmine talking about Corinne!

Predictions for top 4:
Danielle L.

I guess I'll be back in just a few short days to talk about the next episode!

Until next time Bachelor fans.