23 February 2017

Ahh, the week of the hometown dates! The week that's always one of my favourites of the season to watch, even if it's also the week that reminds me just how bizarre the Bachelor really is. I mean, isn't it all fun and games until we hear the Bachelor asking multiple girls dads for their daughters hand in marriage? Can you imagine those poor dads? Even if some of them do just play along with the bizareness of this part of the show and give them their blessing, it still has to be really, really strange for them knowing that there could be a teeny tiny possibility that they actually do engaged. Again, bizarre I tell you, bizarre!

But, saying all of that, this is when I find the show takes a turning point, for the better. The drama has drastically dwindled and we know a lot more about, and are a lot more invested in the four girls that are remaining. We get to see them in their hometowns with their families, and it's always fun to watch how the Bachelor fits into that piece of their world.

Raven's hometown date was up first, and hers was one of my favourites to watch. The first part of their date seemed so fun, and dirty!!! Did anyone else notice Raven and Nick's clothes at the beginning when they were about to climb those....what are those things called? They were full of mud, even before we got to see them biking through the mud. Something tells me those two parts of the date were switched in the editing room. You can thank Sharleen Joynt for making me take notice of all those sneaky editing changes!! She's the master of detectives at them!

Her family seemed so unbelievably kind and sweet, and how amazing was it hearing the news that her dad was cancer free? There were a few parts when they were talking, like when Raven was telling her dad she would rather walk down the aisle alone than have anyone else do it, that I caught myself filling up a bit. I also loved it when her dad told Nick he didn't expect to like him, but he did! 

Raven is definitely someone that I continue to like more and more with every episode. She seems so fun and so genuine and honest too. I also really like her and Nick together, although I do wish at this point they had a little more chemistry (you wouldn't say it though from the image I shared above). I'm just not completely sold on the two of them yet, although I still am rooting to see it!

Rachel had the next hometown date. As much as I love Rachel, and Rachel and Nick as a couple, I found it hard to watch her hometown date with the same interest as the other girls knowing there's no possibility they'll end up together. Again, why oh why did they announce her as the next Bachelorette already?  I wish they would have waited at least until after the episode she gets eliminated. I am curious to see how that part goes down, though. Do you think Nick lets her go next, or do you think she leaves herself?

"Cheers to you being the Bachelorette" - Nick

Next was Corinne's hometown date in Miami, and I have to say I loved this one! I feel like she's totally playing up the part of how she's perceived, and I actually like that. What's that saying, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Or maybe she does just love shopping that much and that's where she really did want to take Nick on her hometown date. Either way, it was fun to watch and I'm actually liking her and Nick together more. I can't believe I'm saying that, but they're really fun together and fun to watch. But my goodness does this girl have expensive taste! I can't believe she bought Nick a $3000 dollar outfit! I'm pretty sure Nick's gonna have to keep her around until the end now so he can at least justify that purchase!!

And then there's famous nanny Raquel. Gosh I loved her too! We got to see she's a real, sweet woman who cares for Corinne, and not just a nanny who fetches cucumber slices! 

Vanessa's hometown date took place in Montreal and, of course out of the four hometowns, it would be raining during the one in Canada. #Typical. Seeing her students get so emotional when they saw her again made me pretty emotional too. I absolutely loved how she brought Nick there for the beginning part of the date because you could tell how much she loved her job and her students and it was really great to see. 

Her family was definitely the toughest on Nick out of all the other families, especially her dad. While I completely understood where he was coming from, I guess I just would have enjoyed her hometown a lot more if he could have just played along with the bizareness of this part of the show and pretended that he loved Nick and was over the moon excited for them. But unfortunately this is the real world, and I guess because he loves his daughter so much, some tough questions had to be asked (and answered). It got real awkward there for a while when Nick was asking him for his blessing. Real awkward! 

"It's yes or no!!" - Vanessa's dad asking Nick if he asked the other girls families for their blessing.

Here's the part I wish I could find out - is the lead required to ask each of the girls fathers (or mothers) for their blessing to get engaged to their daughters? Is it just pushed by the producers or is it actually part of the contract? Obviously there wouldn't be much of an interesting show left after this point if we saw them only ask one of the parents, but I'm really curious to find out what the rules actually are! I honestly felt so bad watching Vanessa after she was told by her dad that Nick also asked the other girls parents.

As we all know at this point, I'm definitely a Vanessa fan (the girl can speak three languages for pete's sake, but not Spanish, Nick!) and I'm still predicting she's going to be the last girl left standing! Since I have been thinking that for a while, I did find it a bit strange when Nick said to her family that he and Vanessa haven't talked much about the future and where they would be living and such. Maybe he's just avoiding the discussion of having to move Canada! #AlsoTypical. Even though we have seen Nick shed quite a few tears so far, it has to be a good sign if he teared up when talking to Vanessa's sister about not wanting her to get hurt.

The episode left off with a knock on Nick's hotel room door from none other than Andi. Andi! I'm curious to see how they'll be around each other and what she has to say to him. Ughh I hate these cliffhangers....

What did you guys think of the hometown dates? I'd love to hear!

Until next time Bachelor fans.


18 February 2017

Last weekend was one of those weekends that just didn't go according to plan. Aren't screwed up travel plans such a bummer? But as we all know, sometimes plans never go the way you exactly want them to, so sometimes you just kind of have to sit back, learn to go with the flow a bit, and laugh and drink and eat your sorrows away. And that's pretty much what we did this weekend.

After taking a couple of days off of work, we were all really excited for our long weekend on the west coast of Newfoundland. We woke up early Thursday morning to start the trip since we had about a 6 or 7 hour drive ahead of us. It actually took us longer than we expected because we ended up stopping at every place along the way for multiple coffee breaks, food breaks, and of course pee breaks. I swear I'm worse than a child on road trips having to stop every hour.

We also stopped at the two most important places before getting to our final destination; the grocery store and, of course, the liquor store. Not knowing we'd be spending the next few days inside with nothing really else to do, now looking back, stocking up on those essentials (alcohol definitely counts as an essential when you're cozying it up with friends, right?) beforehand turned out to be the wisest decision we'd make the entire time. Unfortunately there weren't too many good decisions made after this point though!!

We spent our 3 nights in a two bedroom chalet at the Humber Valley Resort. It turned out to be the perfect little spot for the four of us. The place was fully equipped with everything we needed, although we did end up taking our own Keurig machine just to be on the safe side! Major essential! Oh the things coffee addicts will do! We each also had our own huge bedroom and bathroom with jacuzzi tubs, which was definitely a nice touch.

Since it was late that evening when we arrived, we just put on a couple of pizzas and ended the night with some drinks and board games...a theme that would continue throughout the next couple of days!

It had been 5 years since myself and Todd had been skiing at Marble Mountain, so we had been looking forward to hitting the slopes ever since we decided to make the trip. On our first morning there, with sleep still in my eyes, I immediately rolled over, grabbed my phone and checked the ski conditions. When I read the mountain was closed due to the weather conditions, my mouth dropped! But after getting some breakfast and waiting around for a couple of hours, the ski hill decided to open again so we all suited up as quickly as we could and were on the mountain by noon.

After about an hour skiing in some windy and snowy conditions, we were then given the bad news that they were closing again. In fact, at this point, the whole town was shutting down because of the weather. So, back to our chalet again it was.

Being stuck inside on a snow storm with friends and a fridge full of "essentials" in the early part of the day made for quite an interesting night! By the time dinner time had rolled around, we had turned the simplest of board games into drinking games. Trivial Pursuit, Battle of the Sexes, Bounce Off, you name it, we found a way! The rules are really easy actually - you win, you make someone else drink, you lose and you drink.

So needless to say, our plan of getting up and out the door early the next morning fell through...a lot! But after a slow start and forcing ourselves to pull through, we dressed back up in our snow gear and headed out to find some snowmobiles to rent for the day. We should have known that on such a beautiful day, and with the entire town being shut down the day before, we were going to be completely out of luck. And so we were.

The four of us sat in the truck for the next little while debating about what our plan was going to be. At this point, skiing wasn't much of an option considering we'd only get about two hours in. Since we were all out of winter activity suggestions (and still a little under the weather, might I add), we decided the most logical and practical thing was to find somewhere that served homemade french fries! Ha!!

After a hardy meal, we ended up going back to the chalet where some of us took a nap and some of us decided to take advantage of the jacuzzi. I was in the later group! The rest of the evening was spent watching reruns of 'How I Met Your Mother' (another theme that was carried throughout the trip), and we never left again only to go to the closest store because we had run out of junk food! Are you sensing another common theme?

The next day it was time to go back home. We all agreed that we'd push the drive off a little later so we could get skiing for a couple of hours because after all, that was the main reason for this entire trip!! And that was the only thing we actually got right over those last few days - we were packed with the vehicle loaded and the chalet cleaned and on the road to Marble Mountain by 9am. It was a beautiful day and we were all happy to be out in the fresh air again! The cabin fever was officially over!!

In the early afternoon we were on our way back home, and there were a lot less coffee and food breaks this time. Of course there were still a few pee breaks!! We made it home just in time to go straight to bed for work the next morning.

Lessons learned:
- Allow yourself enough time in case of bad weather and hangovers!
- But it's probably best to avoid the hangover at all costs!
- Make sure you're stocked up on the essentials and that you have good company if things don't go according to plan!
- You can always make the best out of any situation!

Until next time.


14 February 2017

I'm back already to share the next recap of The Bachelor. Gosh I'm always so late with these! Lucky for me, it's a snow day here which means I was able to sleep in a bit, finish recapping last weeks episode, and then cuddle back up on the couch to watch the newest one....all before lunch time might I add!! Ahh, I certainly love snow days! For once I'm gonna feel ahead of the game!!

Have you heard the latest news? It's been confirmed that Rachel is going to be the new Bachelorette. I just saw the news on Instagram, and after getting online to confirm what I thought was a rumour, apparently it's official. This season has been throwing out major curve balls. After years and years of watching the show, I've always assumed that practice makes perfect because I've usually been quite good at predicting (or coming close to) the outcome. But, here I am, once again this season, completely thrown off my game.

Rachel is going down in Bachelor history as the first African American lead. While I think that it's great (and about damn time!) to have some diversity on the show, I think picking her was an awesome choice, and not just because of the colour of her skin. She is so beautiful, and her personality seems so vibrant and contagious. She also seems so sweet, but yet so honest and not afraid to say what's on her mind. I think she's going to bring so much life to the show!!

A post shared by Nick Viall (@nickviall) on

But what about the obvious? How and why are they announcing her as the next Bachelorette while she's still in the running right now? As usual, I'm confused!! Why didn't they just wait until she was eliminated this season? Does this mean she's the next to go? For the last little while I've been assuming that the final two would be Vanessa and Rachel, so now I'm not really sure what to think! I'm assuming she has to be the next to go because of this but, then again, who knows at this point anymore. Stranger things have certainly happened....

Like Corinne making it to the final four. Who would have thought that after the whipped cream and bouncy castle fiasco she'd still be left? To be honest, Corinne has grown on me quite a bit, but that still doesn't make me any less surprised. My anxiety started to increase when Corinne went to Nick's room to try and seduce him (yes, I'm apparently an old lady now using the word 'seduce'). I wanted to yell at the TV, "Nickkkk, you already know that situations like this do not end well". Thankfully Nick learned his lesson and her seduction didn't work so I could relax again. And then all was well in the Bachelor world again. Somewhat.

"My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum" - Corinne

The majority of the episode was centred around Nick feeling scared of the outcome and putting too much pressure on himself to make this whole thing work. That was one of the things I caught myself thinking when I first started watching at the beginning - with this being his 3rd (or 4th) time, will he be more inclined to "pick" someone just because he feels like he should? And that's exactly what Vanessa's thoughts were too during their one on one date. While I absolutely love Vanessa and Nick together, I was so surprised by Nick's response after she told him she loved him.

I'm assuming there was more to their date than what we saw, but while I didn't expect him to say 'I love you' back, I was still expecting something other than what he said. What did that response even mean? I'm still convinced Vanessa will be his pick, though. I feel like she summed it up perfectly when she talked about how easy they are together. And I think that's why I like watching them so much. They're honest and fun and playful together, and just easy! But, with great chemistry!

Although I predicted Raven to be in the final four, I was still surprised that she got the group date rose and a free pass to the hometown dates so early. After all of the attention on Nick and Kristina on that date, I thought for sure it was going to be given to Kristina. Needless to say, once again I was shocked he sent her home at the end. She was so upset, and out of all the girls he's sent home up to this point, I found this one the hardest to watch. There was a little part of me that thought she was going to pull an Ashlee Frazier from Sean's season and completely turn on him though. Luckily she didn't storm out and left just as sweet!

Danielle M. went home on her one on one date, and I think we can all agree we saw that coming. I really liked Danielle M., but I'd pick her more for a best friend than a match for Nick. While I'm feeling completely off my game this season, I do feel like I can read Nick like a book before he's about to let someone go. He definitely wears his heart on his sleeve...and apparently all over his face too. It's like for 15 seconds only, I know exactly what's going to happen. No clue obviously for the rest of the time though!

One last note - did anyone else wonder where Vanessa was the majority of the time this week? Every time they showed the girls back at the house at separate instances, Vanessa was no where to be found.

Are you surprised this season too? What do you expect is going to happen next on the hometown dates? This is when I find it really starts to get good!!

Until next time Bachelor fans.


Well this episode quickly took a major turn from last weeks. Even after having a few days (okay, okay, a week) to mull it all over, I'm still a little bit confused (and stunned!) thinking about everything that went down. I think the biggest shocker overall was the amount of girls that dropped like flies in such a short amount of time. The Bachelor seemed like it just aired last week and somehow we're now down to six girls. Six? How can that be?

The episode started with Taylor getting a nudge shove from the production team to interrupt Corinne and Nick's alone time. While I'm sure she had some words for both of them that were left unsaid, I'm even more sure of the fact that this wasn't actually her idea. Taylor explained to Nick how he was lied to and manipulated by Corrine, while Nick went on to explain that the reason he let her go ultimately had nothing to do with Corrine. The only thing really worthwhile that came out of that whole debacle was Corrine's punch line...

Next up was the rose ceremony where the girls talked about how romantic their entrance was. I guess nothing says romance quite like 12 girls all piled into a horse and carriage ride. With no cocktail party, it was straight to the elimination round where Josephine, Jaimi (and her purple lipstick), and Alexis were all sent home.

The first one on one date in St. Thomas went to Kristina. Hearing the struggles she had growing up was absolutely heartbreaking. Unless you didn't have a pulse, your heart had to go out to her when she was talking about having to eat lipstick when she was younger because there wasn't any food in her house. Don't hearing stories that like put your own complaints and problems quickly into perspective? We didn't get to see much of her and Nick's chemistry, but from the little amount of time we did see, I really liked the two of them together.

And then there was the group date, the date that may go down as, not the most dramatic one, but the most confusing one to date. I actually had to watch this date a couple of times because I was sure that I had spaced out somewhere along the way. There were definitely a few pieces to that puzzle missing, and after reading a few recaps myself, one theory is that the girls were told the winners of the volleyball game were promised more alone time with Nick. And that makes perfect sense, as it would explain how it went from laughing and having a good time to waterworks and everyone complaining about how they didn't want to fight for Nick's attention and wanting to go home. It's funny because Todd likes to pretend he's not watching as he sits on the couch playing on his phone, but it was during this part where he piped up and said, "that's what happens when you give girls too many shots". Emotions were definitely all over the place at this part!!!

Later that night it seemed everyone had sobered up quite a bit, everyone except Jasmine that is. While I completely understood her concerns of feeling overlooked, she probably should have spent a little more time talking about that, and a little less about wanting to choke him. I think it was after the third pretend choke hold when Nick sent her home.

ABC decided to throw us a curve ball with the two on one date. It was only last week I mentioned how it's always so obvious which girls will be chosen to go against each other, so I was definitely shocked when Whitney, and more importantly, Danielle L. were picked. Whitney was ultimately sent home and considering we haven't seen much of her, I wasn't that surprised.

It was around this part where I started to feel confused once again. We started to hear remarks about Danielle L. (or DLO??) not being ready for a relationship and not being suitable for Nick, but we have no idea what gave the girls that impression. And then what happened for Nick to send her home later that night? I don't understand how Danielle L. went from being a front runner to getting sent home on a two on one date, especially when he had already sent one girl home.

Oh, and it was here when Todd chimed in again to say how he gives Nick credit for sending everyone home!! And the boy says he doesn't like to watch...... ;)

The episode left off with Nick going to the girls room to tell them how he's not sure if this whole process is going to work. He was so upset, and I caught myself really feeling for him. What I didn't really understand though was why he felt he had to tell the remaining girls that. If he was wanting to make a repeat of what went down at the volleyball game, then I think he's definitely going to succeed! I'm really curious to see how this plays out during the next episode.

My (new) prediction for top 4:
1. Vanessa
2. Rachel
3. Kristina
4. Raven

What did you think of this episode? 

Until next time Bachelor fans.


07 February 2017

Hello, friends! I currently have a few items on my to-do list that's just sitting patiently in the back of my mind waiting to be crossed off, yet I'm apparently on a mission to do anything but. I'm sure you know how it goes, right? Like you really need to do some laundry, but you better check instagram first. The bathroom needs to be cleaned. Oh look, a face mask! The bedroom desperately needs to be cleaned too. I think I'll write a blog post instead.

And that my friends is how I ended up here with this slathered all over my face. 

It's a good thing I don't have to talk to you guys right now because I've left this mask on longer than normal and, at this point, I think my face would shatter if I tried to open my mouth. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea since my face has been feeling so dry lately. I honestly don't understand what's been going on with my skin though, it's been super dry but yet I'm breaking out more than normal. As usual I'll go ahead and blame the weather, that seems to be the first thing I point my finger at for everything lately!

I've only used this mask one other time so I can't say for certain how well it works just quite yet. But the first time I used it my skin immediately looked more even tone and it didn't dry out my skin afterwards. Plus, it's just soooo fun to use!!

So, now that you know what I'm currently doing, let's see what else I'm currently up to.

Drinking: Green tea. I'm trying to get on the whole green tea bandwagon, so usually a few times a week I'll try and force myself to drink that. You know, if you put the whole jar of honey in your cup it really ain't so bad!!

Eating: Unfortunately nothing. Absolutely nothing right now. Hence why I'm drinking green tea!!! I mentioned before how I've put on some weight, so the last month I've really been trying to eat a lot better. I've gotten back to weekly meal planning and packing my lunches the night before, and I've also drastically reduced my weekend treats (which is always the hardest of all)! Although my progress has been slow, I have been feeling a lot better, so I'm reminding myself of that whenever I get a little discouraged. 

Listening to: The 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' song has been stuck in my head all day today. That reminds me, who's looking forward to the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming out really soon? I loved the first movie (probably because I hadn't read the books at that time and I also had no expectations whatsoever), so I'm excited to see the second one.

Reading: 'Talking As Fast As I Can' by Lauren Graham.

After the Gilmore Girls Revival, I wasn't quite ready to be done with the show so I picked up this book. I'm about three quarters of the way through and it's been a fun, light read so far. One thing that I really like is her writing is so similar to her humour on the show. Every sentence I read I feel like I can picture and hear her speaking.

Struggling: With not letting myself ordering the Riley Good Genes Treatment. I want to so bad, but I won't because I'd like to be able to afford to get married this year. Seriously, what is in this stuff that makes it so expensive? I hate it when I hear good things about a product (this one has amazing reviews) because there's this little humongous voice inside my head that tells me that I have to get it because it'll transform my face.

Looking forward to: This weekend. We're taking an extra long weekend to go to the west coast of Newfoundland with our friends. I can't wait to go skiing, skidooing, and any other winter activities that we'll get to do. We have about a 6 hour drive ahead of us on Thursday, but I'm looking forward to the road trip part just as much as the remainder of the weekend. Let's just say there will be no green tea involved, just lots of road trip snacks!

Feeling: Unbelievably happy because I became an auntie again a little girl! Miss Evelyn Ray (I still have to confirm the spelling on that one!). It's the first girl in our family and I couldn't be more excited!! I wish more than anything I could be in Toronto with them all now, but in just a few short weeks I'll get to get to put my awesome auntie skills to good use.

Get ready Uncle Todd for even more spending at Toys R Us!

Thinking: That I haven't watched the Bachelor yet. I think that's going to be the next thing on my list for tonight actually. Looks like the laundry and cleaning will have to wait another day....ah shucks! Hopefully the Bachelor recap will be up soon. 

Hope your week is going good!!

Until next time.


02 February 2017

What did you guys think of this weeks episode? Personally, this was my least favourite episode so far, and even with all that drama going on between Taylor and Corinne, I still caught myself feeling a little bored at times. Maybe it was in fact because of the drama that made this episode seem so blahhh. It's time to move on ladies...and ABC. 

But let's start at the beginning. Oh wait, the drama between Taylor and Corinne was the beginning. And the middle. And yup, sure enough, even the end. I have now validated my original statement on why I wasn't a fan of this episode. 

Okay, so back to the beginning with Taylor and Corinne where they continued to call each other names around the fire. Although Corinne would probably disagree, no one came out of that argument as a winner. Unless we're talking about the winner of manipulation and in that case, someone hand Corinne a medal because wow, she's good! Since I don't want to spend any more time than I have to talking about these two, I'll sum up my thoughts on their conversation and move on. Taylor = condescending + trapped. Corinne = delusional + a little intoxicated.

Next up was the rose ceremony. Boy did it look cold there! Sarah and Astrid went home (to warm up first I'm sure), while Taylor and Corinne both got to stay so they could be used as pieces in the next game ABC wanted to play; the two on one date.

But before that it was off to New Orleans where Rachel had her first one on one date with Nick. My parents will be there next month and after seeing clips of the city from their date, it's making me want to hop in their suitcase even more. Didn't those beignets (totally just had to google that word) that Nick was making love to look good? You can bring back 2 please, mom! 

I remember I didn't really understand how Rachel got the first impression rose on that first night, but I was definitely wrong because now I completely see it! She is beautiful and her zest of a personality makes her even that much more beautiful. Nick was right when he said, "when you walk into a room you kind of own that room". I loved watching her and Nick together, and even if he didn't come flat out and talk about meeting her dad (with hometowns still quite a while away), I'm sure we'd all place a bet on her going far this season. Do I think it topped Vanessa's one on one date though? Not quite, but it definitely took a close second in my opinion.

I liked how Nick opened up to Rachel about his insecurities on already having asked two sets of parents for their permission in marrying their daughters. As much as we poke fun at Nick for doing this multiple times, I never thought about that part before. And that part seems to really bother him. I've said it before, but I honestly think Nick is sincere with this whole process, no matter how many times he's actually done it before, and it was apparent seeing that when he was talking to Rachel about it that night.

Next up was the group date which took place in supposedly the most haunted house in Louisiana. I would have liked to have seen a little less attention on May and a little more on the other girls. Besides being chased around by ghosts and Danielle M. getting the group date rose, not a whole lot happened here. Oh! Raven told Nick she loved accident. I loved how after she said, "It's a little too soon, but I'll own it". Maybe it was a little too soon, but it still seemed more genuine than the majority of the times I've heard people tell the lead they loved them even towards the end.

And now I guess I'm back to talking about Taylor and Corinne on their two one one date. Make it stop!!! By now, every Bachelor addict out there knows how the two on one date usually goes. Two girls who hate each other the most in the house gets picked for a date where they'll spend the entire day alongside the other person, making it extremely uncomfortable for them, for the Bachelor, and more importantly, for us watching. And awkward it was, even more so for the driver of that boat.

The girls spent the majority of the day telling Nick the names that they were called by the other person. Then Nick gave the rose to Corinne and rode off with her to wherever it was they were going, leaving Taylor behind. That's another thing all Bachelor addicts could have predicted; the person who doesn't get picked usually ends up getting stranded and left alone for the utmost humiliation. Remember cupcake on Kaitlyn's season? Olivia on Ben's season?  Chad on Jojo's season?

The show left off with Taylor somehow finding a ride back to interrupt Nick and Corinnes date. Another 'to be continued'. I'm really wanting to see a normal ending soon, how about you?

One more point:
- In two separate occasions when the girls first get to New Orleans, you'll first notice Vanessa is linking arms with Corinne while walking, and then another time while they're waiting for the names to be called on the date card she has her arms wrapped around Taylor. I guess that shows she's neutral and not playing sides!

My predictions this week for top 4:
1. Vanessa
2. Rachel
3. Danielle L.
4. Raven

Until next time bachelor fans.