14 February 2017

Well this episode quickly took a major turn from last weeks. Even after having a few days (okay, okay, a week) to mull it all over, I'm still a little bit confused (and stunned!) thinking about everything that went down. I think the biggest shocker overall was the amount of girls that dropped like flies in such a short amount of time. The Bachelor seemed like it just aired last week and somehow we're now down to six girls. Six? How can that be?

The episode started with Taylor getting a nudge shove from the production team to interrupt Corinne and Nick's alone time. While I'm sure she had some words for both of them that were left unsaid, I'm even more sure of the fact that this wasn't actually her idea. Taylor explained to Nick how he was lied to and manipulated by Corrine, while Nick went on to explain that the reason he let her go ultimately had nothing to do with Corrine. The only thing really worthwhile that came out of that whole debacle was Corrine's punch line...

Next up was the rose ceremony where the girls talked about how romantic their entrance was. I guess nothing says romance quite like 12 girls all piled into a horse and carriage ride. With no cocktail party, it was straight to the elimination round where Josephine, Jaimi (and her purple lipstick), and Alexis were all sent home.

The first one on one date in St. Thomas went to Kristina. Hearing the struggles she had growing up was absolutely heartbreaking. Unless you didn't have a pulse, your heart had to go out to her when she was talking about having to eat lipstick when she was younger because there wasn't any food in her house. Don't hearing stories that like put your own complaints and problems quickly into perspective? We didn't get to see much of her and Nick's chemistry, but from the little amount of time we did see, I really liked the two of them together.

And then there was the group date, the date that may go down as, not the most dramatic one, but the most confusing one to date. I actually had to watch this date a couple of times because I was sure that I had spaced out somewhere along the way. There were definitely a few pieces to that puzzle missing, and after reading a few recaps myself, one theory is that the girls were told the winners of the volleyball game were promised more alone time with Nick. And that makes perfect sense, as it would explain how it went from laughing and having a good time to waterworks and everyone complaining about how they didn't want to fight for Nick's attention and wanting to go home. It's funny because Todd likes to pretend he's not watching as he sits on the couch playing on his phone, but it was during this part where he piped up and said, "that's what happens when you give girls too many shots". Emotions were definitely all over the place at this part!!!

Later that night it seemed everyone had sobered up quite a bit, everyone except Jasmine that is. While I completely understood her concerns of feeling overlooked, she probably should have spent a little more time talking about that, and a little less about wanting to choke him. I think it was after the third pretend choke hold when Nick sent her home.

ABC decided to throw us a curve ball with the two on one date. It was only last week I mentioned how it's always so obvious which girls will be chosen to go against each other, so I was definitely shocked when Whitney, and more importantly, Danielle L. were picked. Whitney was ultimately sent home and considering we haven't seen much of her, I wasn't that surprised.

It was around this part where I started to feel confused once again. We started to hear remarks about Danielle L. (or DLO??) not being ready for a relationship and not being suitable for Nick, but we have no idea what gave the girls that impression. And then what happened for Nick to send her home later that night? I don't understand how Danielle L. went from being a front runner to getting sent home on a two on one date, especially when he had already sent one girl home.

Oh, and it was here when Todd chimed in again to say how he gives Nick credit for sending everyone home!! And the boy says he doesn't like to watch...... ;)

The episode left off with Nick going to the girls room to tell them how he's not sure if this whole process is going to work. He was so upset, and I caught myself really feeling for him. What I didn't really understand though was why he felt he had to tell the remaining girls that. If he was wanting to make a repeat of what went down at the volleyball game, then I think he's definitely going to succeed! I'm really curious to see how this plays out during the next episode.

My (new) prediction for top 4:
1. Vanessa
2. Rachel
3. Kristina
4. Raven

What did you think of this episode? 

Until next time Bachelor fans.

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