07 February 2017

Hello, friends! I currently have a few items on my to-do list that's just sitting patiently in the back of my mind waiting to be crossed off, yet I'm apparently on a mission to do anything but. I'm sure you know how it goes, right? Like you really need to do some laundry, but you better check instagram first. The bathroom needs to be cleaned. Oh look, a face mask! The bedroom desperately needs to be cleaned too. I think I'll write a blog post instead.

And that my friends is how I ended up here with this slathered all over my face. 

It's a good thing I don't have to talk to you guys right now because I've left this mask on longer than normal and, at this point, I think my face would shatter if I tried to open my mouth. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea since my face has been feeling so dry lately. I honestly don't understand what's been going on with my skin though, it's been super dry but yet I'm breaking out more than normal. As usual I'll go ahead and blame the weather, that seems to be the first thing I point my finger at for everything lately!

I've only used this mask one other time so I can't say for certain how well it works just quite yet. But the first time I used it my skin immediately looked more even tone and it didn't dry out my skin afterwards. Plus, it's just soooo fun to use!!

So, now that you know what I'm currently doing, let's see what else I'm currently up to.

Drinking: Green tea. I'm trying to get on the whole green tea bandwagon, so usually a few times a week I'll try and force myself to drink that. You know, if you put the whole jar of honey in your cup it really ain't so bad!!

Eating: Unfortunately nothing. Absolutely nothing right now. Hence why I'm drinking green tea!!! I mentioned before how I've put on some weight, so the last month I've really been trying to eat a lot better. I've gotten back to weekly meal planning and packing my lunches the night before, and I've also drastically reduced my weekend treats (which is always the hardest of all)! Although my progress has been slow, I have been feeling a lot better, so I'm reminding myself of that whenever I get a little discouraged. 

Listening to: The 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' song has been stuck in my head all day today. That reminds me, who's looking forward to the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming out really soon? I loved the first movie (probably because I hadn't read the books at that time and I also had no expectations whatsoever), so I'm excited to see the second one.

Reading: 'Talking As Fast As I Can' by Lauren Graham.

After the Gilmore Girls Revival, I wasn't quite ready to be done with the show so I picked up this book. I'm about three quarters of the way through and it's been a fun, light read so far. One thing that I really like is her writing is so similar to her humour on the show. Every sentence I read I feel like I can picture and hear her speaking.

Struggling: With not letting myself ordering the Riley Good Genes Treatment. I want to so bad, but I won't because I'd like to be able to afford to get married this year. Seriously, what is in this stuff that makes it so expensive? I hate it when I hear good things about a product (this one has amazing reviews) because there's this little humongous voice inside my head that tells me that I have to get it because it'll transform my face.

Looking forward to: This weekend. We're taking an extra long weekend to go to the west coast of Newfoundland with our friends. I can't wait to go skiing, skidooing, and any other winter activities that we'll get to do. We have about a 6 hour drive ahead of us on Thursday, but I'm looking forward to the road trip part just as much as the remainder of the weekend. Let's just say there will be no green tea involved, just lots of road trip snacks!

Feeling: Unbelievably happy because I became an auntie again a little girl! Miss Evelyn Ray (I still have to confirm the spelling on that one!). It's the first girl in our family and I couldn't be more excited!! I wish more than anything I could be in Toronto with them all now, but in just a few short weeks I'll get to get to put my awesome auntie skills to good use.

Get ready Uncle Todd for even more spending at Toys R Us!

Thinking: That I haven't watched the Bachelor yet. I think that's going to be the next thing on my list for tonight actually. Looks like the laundry and cleaning will have to wait another day....ah shucks! Hopefully the Bachelor recap will be up soon. 

Hope your week is going good!!

Until next time.

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