02 February 2017

What did you guys think of this weeks episode? Personally, this was my least favourite episode so far, and even with all that drama going on between Taylor and Corinne, I still caught myself feeling a little bored at times. Maybe it was in fact because of the drama that made this episode seem so blahhh. It's time to move on ladies...and ABC. 

But let's start at the beginning. Oh wait, the drama between Taylor and Corinne was the beginning. And the middle. And yup, sure enough, even the end. I have now validated my original statement on why I wasn't a fan of this episode. 

Okay, so back to the beginning with Taylor and Corinne where they continued to call each other names around the fire. Although Corinne would probably disagree, no one came out of that argument as a winner. Unless we're talking about the winner of manipulation and in that case, someone hand Corinne a medal because wow, she's good! Since I don't want to spend any more time than I have to talking about these two, I'll sum up my thoughts on their conversation and move on. Taylor = condescending + trapped. Corinne = delusional + a little intoxicated.

Next up was the rose ceremony. Boy did it look cold there! Sarah and Astrid went home (to warm up first I'm sure), while Taylor and Corinne both got to stay so they could be used as pieces in the next game ABC wanted to play; the two on one date.

But before that it was off to New Orleans where Rachel had her first one on one date with Nick. My parents will be there next month and after seeing clips of the city from their date, it's making me want to hop in their suitcase even more. Didn't those beignets (totally just had to google that word) that Nick was making love to look good? You can bring back 2 please, mom! 

I remember I didn't really understand how Rachel got the first impression rose on that first night, but I was definitely wrong because now I completely see it! She is beautiful and her zest of a personality makes her even that much more beautiful. Nick was right when he said, "when you walk into a room you kind of own that room". I loved watching her and Nick together, and even if he didn't come flat out and talk about meeting her dad (with hometowns still quite a while away), I'm sure we'd all place a bet on her going far this season. Do I think it topped Vanessa's one on one date though? Not quite, but it definitely took a close second in my opinion.

I liked how Nick opened up to Rachel about his insecurities on already having asked two sets of parents for their permission in marrying their daughters. As much as we poke fun at Nick for doing this multiple times, I never thought about that part before. And that part seems to really bother him. I've said it before, but I honestly think Nick is sincere with this whole process, no matter how many times he's actually done it before, and it was apparent seeing that when he was talking to Rachel about it that night.

Next up was the group date which took place in supposedly the most haunted house in Louisiana. I would have liked to have seen a little less attention on May and a little more on the other girls. Besides being chased around by ghosts and Danielle M. getting the group date rose, not a whole lot happened here. Oh! Raven told Nick she loved him...by accident. I loved how after she said, "It's a little too soon, but I'll own it". Maybe it was a little too soon, but it still seemed more genuine than the majority of the times I've heard people tell the lead they loved them even towards the end.

And now I guess I'm back to talking about Taylor and Corinne on their two one one date. Make it stop!!! By now, every Bachelor addict out there knows how the two on one date usually goes. Two girls who hate each other the most in the house gets picked for a date where they'll spend the entire day alongside the other person, making it extremely uncomfortable for them, for the Bachelor, and more importantly, for us watching. And awkward it was, even more so for the driver of that boat.

The girls spent the majority of the day telling Nick the names that they were called by the other person. Then Nick gave the rose to Corinne and rode off with her to wherever it was they were going, leaving Taylor behind. That's another thing all Bachelor addicts could have predicted; the person who doesn't get picked usually ends up getting stranded and left alone for the utmost humiliation. Remember cupcake on Kaitlyn's season? Olivia on Ben's season?  Chad on Jojo's season?

The show left off with Taylor somehow finding a ride back to interrupt Nick and Corinnes date. Another 'to be continued'. I'm really wanting to see a normal ending soon, how about you?

One more point:
- In two separate occasions when the girls first get to New Orleans, you'll first notice Vanessa is linking arms with Corinne while walking, and then another time while they're waiting for the names to be called on the date card she has her arms wrapped around Taylor. I guess that shows she's neutral and not playing sides!

My predictions this week for top 4:
1. Vanessa
2. Rachel
3. Danielle L.
4. Raven

Until next time bachelor fans.

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