14 February 2017

I'm back already to share the next recap of The Bachelor. Gosh I'm always so late with these! Lucky for me, it's a snow day here which means I was able to sleep in a bit, finish recapping last weeks episode, and then cuddle back up on the couch to watch the newest one....all before lunch time might I add!! Ahh, I certainly love snow days! For once I'm gonna feel ahead of the game!!

Have you heard the latest news? It's been confirmed that Rachel is going to be the new Bachelorette. I just saw the news on Instagram, and after getting online to confirm what I thought was a rumour, apparently it's official. This season has been throwing out major curve balls. After years and years of watching the show, I've always assumed that practice makes perfect because I've usually been quite good at predicting (or coming close to) the outcome. But, here I am, once again this season, completely thrown off my game.

Rachel is going down in Bachelor history as the first African American lead. While I think that it's great (and about damn time!) to have some diversity on the show, I think picking her was an awesome choice, and not just because of the colour of her skin. She is so beautiful, and her personality seems so vibrant and contagious. She also seems so sweet, but yet so honest and not afraid to say what's on her mind. I think she's going to bring so much life to the show!!

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But what about the obvious? How and why are they announcing her as the next Bachelorette while she's still in the running right now? As usual, I'm confused!! Why didn't they just wait until she was eliminated this season? Does this mean she's the next to go? For the last little while I've been assuming that the final two would be Vanessa and Rachel, so now I'm not really sure what to think! I'm assuming she has to be the next to go because of this but, then again, who knows at this point anymore. Stranger things have certainly happened....

Like Corinne making it to the final four. Who would have thought that after the whipped cream and bouncy castle fiasco she'd still be left? To be honest, Corinne has grown on me quite a bit, but that still doesn't make me any less surprised. My anxiety started to increase when Corinne went to Nick's room to try and seduce him (yes, I'm apparently an old lady now using the word 'seduce'). I wanted to yell at the TV, "Nickkkk, you already know that situations like this do not end well". Thankfully Nick learned his lesson and her seduction didn't work so I could relax again. And then all was well in the Bachelor world again. Somewhat.

"My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum" - Corinne

The majority of the episode was centred around Nick feeling scared of the outcome and putting too much pressure on himself to make this whole thing work. That was one of the things I caught myself thinking when I first started watching at the beginning - with this being his 3rd (or 4th) time, will he be more inclined to "pick" someone just because he feels like he should? And that's exactly what Vanessa's thoughts were too during their one on one date. While I absolutely love Vanessa and Nick together, I was so surprised by Nick's response after she told him she loved him.

I'm assuming there was more to their date than what we saw, but while I didn't expect him to say 'I love you' back, I was still expecting something other than what he said. What did that response even mean? I'm still convinced Vanessa will be his pick, though. I feel like she summed it up perfectly when she talked about how easy they are together. And I think that's why I like watching them so much. They're honest and fun and playful together, and just easy! But, with great chemistry!

Although I predicted Raven to be in the final four, I was still surprised that she got the group date rose and a free pass to the hometown dates so early. After all of the attention on Nick and Kristina on that date, I thought for sure it was going to be given to Kristina. Needless to say, once again I was shocked he sent her home at the end. She was so upset, and out of all the girls he's sent home up to this point, I found this one the hardest to watch. There was a little part of me that thought she was going to pull an Ashlee Frazier from Sean's season and completely turn on him though. Luckily she didn't storm out and left just as sweet!

Danielle M. went home on her one on one date, and I think we can all agree we saw that coming. I really liked Danielle M., but I'd pick her more for a best friend than a match for Nick. While I'm feeling completely off my game this season, I do feel like I can read Nick like a book before he's about to let someone go. He definitely wears his heart on his sleeve...and apparently all over his face too. It's like for 15 seconds only, I know exactly what's going to happen. No clue obviously for the rest of the time though!

One last note - did anyone else wonder where Vanessa was the majority of the time this week? Every time they showed the girls back at the house at separate instances, Vanessa was no where to be found.

Are you surprised this season too? What do you expect is going to happen next on the hometown dates? This is when I find it really starts to get good!!

Until next time Bachelor fans.

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