Since a few of our left over save the dates have been sitting in our desk drawer collecting dust since we've handed them out a while back, I figured I should probably dust the cob webs off them and share them here before they accidentally get thrown out when we decide to declutter our spare room and Todd goes on his usual cleaning rampage of throwing out everything that we own. I guess in his defence, if it's never been used then it probably shouldn't be taking up space. In my defence though, some things have meaning and sentimental value. But in his defence again, if he could talk, he'd say that birthday cards with only the writing of "Love, such and such" doesn't really count.

I'm getting a little off topic here! Somehow I went from talking about our save the dates to talking about one of the many examples that results in some bickering and compromising in our household! But back to the topic at hand! The whole insight into our relationship can wait for another time!!

I knew I wanted to send out save the date cards from the moment we set a wedding date and started in on the planning. With a (very) long engagement, I figured most people would need a little reminder that a wedding was actually happening!!

I originally saw this save the date from Minted on The Daily Tay's blog. I remember loving theirs so much, and I thought it would be perfect for us! It had an option for a picture, and the timeline made it a little more different and a way to make it a bit more personalized for us.

Boy meets girl: in 7th grade and he admits he didn't like her
1st date: at a bar on George Street in 2004 (after one too many drinks)
Lovestruck: after many late night drives and lots of laughter
She said yes: and then they take forever to pick a wedding date :)

We also ordered our wedding invitations from Minted, and I can honestly say they were so great to work with. They're great with customizing things you need, and the shipping was super fast too (especially to this Canadian here!). If you're ever thinking about ordering anything from Minted, keep an eye out for discount codes but they're available quite often.

We thought it would be a good idea to take our own picture since 1) we wanted to save some money and 2) we thought it was a little late to get engagement photos done at this point. About 10 minutes in to setting up the tripod in our living and both of us sweating profusely, we both realized it was a bad, bad idea. I honestly don't think I'll ever forget that day; going back and forth between laughing hysterically and bickering some more! After going through the 50+ photos that we had taken, the one we decided on just magically appeared amongst all the 49+ hilarious ones!! I don't know how many times Todd said, "oh my god, the photographer better know what to do with us on our wedding day". I really hope Todd is right! 

I think our save the date turned turned out great, but boy did we certainly have to work hard to look cute that day! Let's hope there's not as much sweating and bickering on our wedding day (but I'll definitely take even more laughter please!!).

Until next time.