I was certain that the next time I'd be back here I would be going down memory lane, sharing every little detail about our wedding, but unfortunately the wedding talk is going to be put to a brief halt for now. With a million wedding posts ahead of me, I figured I'd try and stay up to date on some recent things that has been happening around here since we've been back and settled!

I mentioned in the last post that the past few months have been super busy with us being away, so when Todd got home last week from work, we decided to do the practical thing that anyone who feels like they've been away from their home all summer would do....pack up their vehicle and drive three hours for a little road trip!

But, the thing is, when you do feel like you've been away all summer, you can't help but want to cram in all of the things you've been wanting to do in the last few weeks that's left of the season! And the other thing is, as much as we love to travel, we also love seeing and exploring our beautiful province, and that's something we don't get to do as much as we'd like. So, since camping was on our mini bucket list, we decided on Friday that Saturday morning we'd hit the road with our camping gear and head to the Bonavista peninsula, somewhere I've never been since I was little.

This spontaneity didn't pan out too well though, as we discovered about an hour after we got there that there were no available campsites to be found! We knew that we wanted to see and do a few things in the area, so instead of driving somewhere else just to pitch a tent, we decided to just spend the day there and drive back to St. John's later that night. Gosh didn't we love unpacking all of our untouched camping things late Saturday night when we got back home! It was as if we just packed it all up!!!

So, first up on our day trip was hiking the Skerwink trail in Port Rexton. While I'm no expert in hiking, I honestly believe Newfoundland has some of the nicest and plentiful hiking trails, and this one did not disappoint!! It only takes about an hour and it's a pretty easy one to do, so it's great for those who want to see Newfoundland's beautiful rugged coastline without having to be gone all day and sweating your butt off the entire time. We also saw plenty of whales throughout our hike, which definitely added to the experience!

After finishing the hike we were pretty thirsty, so a stop at Port Rexton's local brewery was a must. Gotta stay hydrated, right? We could have stayed at this place for hours, and if we were camping instead of driving back home, we probably would have! We did make sure to try some of their favourites though!!

Next up was driving around and exploring all of the little communities in the area from Trinity to Bonavista. We would have loved to have more time, stopping at more places along the way, but with the drive ahead of us, we ended the day with supper at the Bonavista Social Club. We loved this place, but I'm pretty sure Charley was the one who enjoyed it the most!!! 

We couldn't leave Charley in the car so we were super appreciative that she was welcome because we really wanted to try this place after hearing such great things about it. Despite it being busy, I think it was the quietest place we've ever eaten dinner. So peaceful (minus having to try and teach Charley some much needed table manners!!).

With a doggy bag for Charley, it was then time to head back home! It turned out to be a perfect day regardless of not getting to go camping, and we were actually pretty thankful things turned out the way they did because it was awfully nice hearing the downpour of rain that night from our own bed, instead of from a leaky tent.

We can't wait to pack up our vehicle again soon and explore more places around the province, hopefully this time being able to unpack somewhere!!

Until next time.