Happy Friday! Thank god we made it to Friday. I've only been back to work a few days since returning home from Vegas, but boy has this been one heck of a week. Actually, the last few weeks have been pretty craaazy, and if you've ever been to Las Vegas then I'm sure you sure know why. But if not, lemme tell you, that place is definitely not for the weak...aka me!!!

I'm currently feeling like I've been ran over by a garbage truck, so with that said, I figured a "currently" post to ease myself back in was the way to go. Luckily these posts don't require much too much thought or brain power, which is exactly what's needed right about now because there's really not much, if anything, left upstairs at the moment. 

WONDERING: When I'll ever recover from Vegas? Oh, and how much cold medicine is too much to consume in 12 hours? We had the best time on our trip, but I have definitely been suffering since we've been back. Between the non stop week and the horrible cold I caught the last night we were there, I have been feeling completely run down and defeated. I've been sleeping and popping cold pills like crazy over the last few days, so I'm waiting any minute to start feeling like my old, pre-Vegas self! You won Vegas, you won!

THINKING: About, despite my body shutting down on me after, we had such a great time in Vegas! We had 7 full days (and of course nights) of non stop fun with our friends, and I can't believe it's over already. The weather was great, the food was great, the shows were great, you name was all great. Expect a recap as soon as I come back down from all the cold medication I've been consuming!

WATCHING: I finished watching the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise a few days ago and, I gotta say, I really liked this season. I actually have the last episode on again as I'm writing this for some background noise and to drown out the ringing in my ears from this cold!! That's probably not the smartest idea because for every sentence I've written so far, I catch myself being glued to the tv for like ten minutes or more. How can one concentrate when they keep bringing up the Dean love triangle? So, did you watch? What did you think? At the beginning I debated about doing weekly Bachelor in Paradise recaps, but with the busy summer I had and with the show airing two times a week, I figured there was no way I could keep up with that. This girl knows her laziness!!

LOVING: This bracelet my sister (and nephews and niece) gave me as part of my birthday gift. I'm absolutely in love with it, and it's something I'll wear a lot and cherish forever! I gave her the "Mama Bear" one when she was pregnant with her third child, so I love that we now have matching ones. Such a cute gift!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Digging out my fall clothes and embracing the cozy fall fashion (and maybe adding a few things in the process too). Hey, if you can't beat 'em, you join 'em, right? While I wish that summer could stay for a little bit longer, I do look forward to (mostly) everything that comes along with the next season. Hopefully we'll spend more time at our cabin soon because cabin days and nights in the fall are the best - cuddling up in a mountain of blankets while reading a good book with the stove on and a cup of coffee (and having nothing else to do...or more specifically, not having the option of doing anything else) sounds like perfection to me!

With that said, ALL OF THE CUTE FALL CLOTHES! What's some fall things you're loving right now?

NEEDING: To layoff the junk food, eat a vegetable (garden) and to hit the gym ASAP! You don't truly appreciate just how much better you feel when you're taking care of yourself than you do after you return home from a vacation that involves no sleep and no movement but all of the food and all of the drinks. I say that as I'm chowing down on a big bag of Doritos....

IN SHOCK THAT:  Kylie Jenner is pregnant! What?!? Todd just told me so of course I had to get on Mr. Google to see if it's true, and gosh darnit it seems to be.

Okay, this has taken me way longer than I thought it was going to (damn you, Bachelor in Paradise reruns) and I'm sweating like crazy (damn you, cold), so that's where I'm going to have to end it for tonight. Have a great weekend! Oh, and happy first day of Fall!

Tell me, what are you currently up to?

Until next time.