Originally this was supposed to be a "Friday's thoughts" post, but since I didn't get it finished on Friday, I put the computer away and decided it was going to have to be a "Monday's thoughts" one instead. So, with that said, happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Let's start this off with a little weekend recap, shall we?

WEEKEND: We had our nephews 5th birthday party on Saturday and then later that night we went to Todd's brothers for some food, drinks, and a game of Cards Against Humanity. It's been a while since we've played this, but my gosh did we have fun! I've realized over the years that the 'make or break' of this game is who you play with, and I think we must have had thee best people playing because I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard before. The belly type of, tear flowing, almost pee your pants laughs are definitely good for the soul, people!

BIRTHDAY: The weekend before last was my birthday and I had a great long weekend both celebrating and doing lots of relaxing! Todd and my mom were both out of town that weekend but I had some great friends who made the day extra special for me since they knew I'd be spending it alone. In the afternoon I was so shocked when I answered the door to see two of our friends holding a cake, flowers, and a Tim Hortons coffee for me! How unbelievably thoughtful?! Then later that night another one of my friends and I went out and had a great time over some food and drinks.

FALL CANDLES: While I'm still in denial that fall is quickly on it's way, I decided to stock up on all of the Bath & Body Works fall candles during their sale this weekend. Does it get any better than your house smelling like pumpkins, marshmallows and leaves? I think not!

OUR NEW BACHELOR: Arie, the runner up from Emily Maynard's season, was picked to be our next bachelor. Guys, were you as shocked as I was about this? I have a confession - I never watched Emily's season, so I feel totally out of the loop on this one. But, it's been so long since his season that I'm pretty sure even if you did watch, you kind of feel out of the loop too. How do you feel about it? Were you aboard the Peter train too? It looks like I'm going to have to go back in time and watch his season before the next one starts.

THE AWFUL HURRICANES: It's been absolutely devastating hearing about the damage and horrible affects that's been happening in the Carribean and the United States over the last few weeks. I really hope these hurricanes come to an end really soon and that everyone (and their loved ones) stay safe.

NEW WATCH: Todd got me a Daniel Wellington watch for my birthday and I am in love! I've been loving the simple look of these watches for a while now and the one he surprised me with is such a beautiful one. Good job, hubby! Up until this point I've owned one watch (a Michael Kors one that's like 5 years old), so it was definitely about time that I added another one to the collection.

WEDDING TRAILER: We got our wedding trailer back this week!! Eeeek! We're so happy with how it turned out and it makes us even more excited to see the full video. I can't wait to share all about our wedding with you guys soon.

iPHONE7: Someone dropped their phone and completely cracked their screen a few weeks ago. Unfortunately that someone was me. Since my apple care was expired I had to do an upgrade, so I finally went this weekend and got myself a new phone. Yayy to not being afraid of cutting my fingers anymore while using my phone. So far I see absolutely no difference though between the 6s and 7, besides the new headphones that I have to use now.

GOING TO VEGAS: For a wedding gift, our friends gave us tickets to go to Vegas together and we're leaving in just a few days!! Vegas plane tickets as a wedding gift?! Can you believe that? I swear I looked like a deer in headlights when we opened their gift the day after the wedding. I have never been so surprised over ANYTHING as I was over this, and I don't think ANYTHING will ever top this! The time is almost finally here and I'm so excited to hit the strip and see what Vegas is all about since we've never been before. Something tells me we're in for a lot of fun though. Please take it easy on us Vegas, we're fragile now!!!

That's it for now. Enjoy your week, everyone!

Until next time.