Hey guys, and happy Friday! It feels like it's been forever since I've done one of these Friday posts, so I'm excited to be doing one now. I only have two hours until the clock strikes midnight and we're technically into Saturday, so let's hope I don't get distracted (or sleepy!!) because the OCD in me will not know what to do if this doesn't get posted tonight, on time.

*Update: So as it turns out I got both distracted and then sleepy! It's currently Sunday but I'm finishing this post regardless of what the date in the title says. OCD, you're gonna have to take a chill pill.


The week started off with me still recuperating from the fall I had the previous week. Although the weather has been amazing over the last few days (thank you, weather gods!), we did have one miserable day last week that caused me to slip on some ice in my driveway, landing flat on my back and giving myself a bit of whiplash. I had to take a couple days off work where I spent the majority of that time on the couch with heating pads going non stop! I gave myself a pretty big fright, but thankfully I'm doing much better now! Who knew this would happen in the month of April? Apparently I still forget where I live - Newfoundland, aka the north pole!!


Julia Engel launched her Gal Meets Glam dress collection and I'm seriously in love! Like, all of the heart eyed emojis type of love!! I've been following Julia's blog for years, so I was so excited to see what her collection would look like and, of course, all of her dresses look exactly like I thought they would - just like her! She has an amazing elegant and feminine style that I just adore. #FashionGoals. I've been stalking these dresses over the last few days, and I'm very, very tempted to order one.


I've enjoyed checking the mail this week and seeing all of the Sephora's goodies that I purchased from their VIB sale last week. Did you take advantage of the sale? While I tried to stay a bit more conservative this time around only buying the things that I "need" (quotations are totally necessary when talking about shopping at Sephora), I did purchase two items that I've never tried before that were on my 'lust' list. Let me know if you've tried either of them!


I need new TV shows to watch! Do you have any suggestions? Right now I'm back to watching Friends, and as much as I love that show, I think it's time to find something else to keep me entertained. I've had a few people recommend Scandal to me, so I may start that one soon. But other than that, I can't think of anything else! Help a TV lover out, please!!!


My heart goes out to Toronto this week after the attack that happened on Monday. Words can't express my heartbreak and sorrow for those who were affected by this tragedy and for the city. Stay strong, Toronto.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until next time.


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