I've thought long and hard about how to write this post. After all, I did have years to think about it! Almost 6 years, to be exact!! In all seriousness though, I've stared at this screen way longer than normal because where do I even start? How do you write and perfectly capture one of the best days of your life? That's quite the task, don't ya think? An impossible one. So, with that said, I figured the best thing to do would be just to highlight some moments that stand out and show you our day in pictures. Lots of them. 

While I'm sure our memory of our wedding day will slowly fade with time, I'm pretty confident there are things that are engraved forever. No, it wasn't a "perfect" day. Yes, there were even times throughout the day that things didn't go or feel the way I thought they would. But, there were also so many moments that were even better than I could have ever imagined. And it was because of those moments that made it one of the best days of my our life. And I just got goosebumps thinking about those special moments. Gosh, I wish we could do it all over again. I really, really do. 

--> The day started bright and early, with the girls getting ready at our house and the boys getting ready at my parents house. Let me tell you, getting all glammed up with your girlfriends and mom is so much fun. I wish we could do this every weekend!!

--> Even though we had hours to get ready (maybe five!!), I didn't plan my time very well and I felt super rushed towards the end. If I could go back in time, I would have chosen to be the very first to get my makeup and hair done because it would have allowed me to, not only get more pictures done when I was completely ready, but I think I would have been able to take in this special time more.

--> Things really started to feel real when all of the bridal party flowers arrived that morning. I didn't think that would be the part that kick-started the 'getting married' feels, but my heart took a few extra beats seeing all of the flowers. They were so beautiful, and I'd highly recommend By Sharpe Design.  

-> I loved my hair and makeup, and I felt beautiful when I put on my wedding dress. I will say that I didn't have one of 'those' bride moments once I saw myself for the first time though. Again, I just wish I had more time to take this part in, instead of getting dressed and then practically running out the door. Unless you're pulling a runaway bride moment, that's really not what a bride should do. 

--> I also remember that day thinking just how good my entire bridal party looked! Seriously, everyone looked amazing, and I thought our hair and makeup team did such a good job.

--> The thing I worried about the most leading up to our wedding day was the weather. I'm sure no bride (and groom!) wants it to rain on their wedding day, but the backup venue for an indoor ceremony was one I really didn't love. I loved the outside ceremony and reception area so much that we took a gamble on the weather and booked the venue regardless, rightfully knowing that if it rained, we'd have to have our ceremony in a place we both didn't like (I mean, it was hard to love the bright blue walls and solar pictures everywhere). Looking back, this put added worry onto us. Okay, okay, onto meI honestly don't know if I'd do that again, but thankfully it all worked out and we were able to have our ceremony outside. So, maybe I would take that gamble again!! 

--> The limo was scheduled to pick up Todd and his groomsmen first, drop them off at the venue and then come back and pick up me and my bridal party right after. As it turned out, they didn't pick up the groom and his group and they ended up driving to the ceremony themselves in a big hurry. I didn't find out about this until later in the day!

--> We were able to have our ceremony outside, but it was probably only because of Todd. When Todd made it to the venue, they were setting up chairs in the inside room. They said it was because rain was in the forecast but he pushed them to have the ceremony outside. They agreed, but they wouldn't use the chairs that we had picked out (and paid extra for, of course). Again, I didn't know anything about this until much later in the day. So, thank you hubby for that!

--> I was a little nervous waiting to walk up the aisle, but not as nervous as I thought I was going to be. Maybe this had a little something to do with being so rushed beforehand....I didn't have much time to think!! I'm not sure if I'd recommend that plan though. Todd, on the other hand, said he was so nervous that he had to pinch his leg until I made it up the aisle. Both funny and cute. 

--> The ceremony was probably my favourite part, which surprised me a little. Leading up to the wedding, I think I spent a lot of time focused on planning the details of the reception or worrying about the weather for the ceremony that I probably didn't think about the ceremony itself very much. But, I actually loved standing up at the front of the aisle with Todd and saying our vows in front of everyone. I just remember being really happy and emotional and giggly. And hearing "I now pronounce you husband and wife" was pretty, pretty amazing!

--> We had a few hours in between our ceremony and reception. While for a guest this probably isn't ideal, it was great for us as we had lots of time to get pictures. 

--> Although the rain stayed away during the ceremony, it wasn't a half hour later when it decided to come down. I honestly think the weather gods were looking out for us because it turned out to be a pretty crappy day after. Did the rain ruin our wedding? Absolutely not! But, I'm not going to lie and say it didn't impact it at all. I imagined our bridal party and families outside with us that afternoon enjoying the beautiful day, and not stuck on the party bus we had rented while me and Todd got on and off a million times trying to brave the wind and rain for pictures.

--> Luckily our amazing photographers (Nate & Nicole) didn't let a little bit of rain and wind stand in the way of getting those great pictures!!

--> Before the reception started, I spent some time in the bathroom while my sister scrubbed the bottom of my dress in the sink and a friend put my hair back up. Thanks Newfoundland weather.

--> We had a little mishap with our cake that night. Our cake was three tiers, with the top tier being actual cake and the bottom two being styrofoam. Those bottom layers were made and pre-cut beforehand so it would be all ready to serve at the wedding. The problem - no one knew where the cake was so no one ended up getting cake! It wasn't until two days later that it was discovered (and we were on our honeymoon).

--> We had a nacho bar (that lasted about five minutes) and an unintended open bar (that lasted longer than we anticipated). So yes, nacho bar with all the works?? Highly recommended! Making the decision throughout the night to have an open bar? Probably not recommended! In our defense, we had given out drink tickets to each guest first. At some point throughout the night, our plan was to have an open bar for an hour, but I guess as the drinks kept flowing, so did the time frame. It turned out to be a fun night and plus, I felt like me and Todd took the most advantage of our decision!! haha.

--> Our first dance: More Than Anyone by Gavin Degraw. Bride and father dance: Dance With Me Daughter by John McDermott. Groom and mother dance:  All To You by Scott Keo.

--> Our favourite part of the reception was right towards the end of the night. What started off as just dancing with Todd as normal to 'The Time of Your Life' ended with every guest that was left circling us, and singing to us. Hands down the best part of the night!

--> The funniest part of the night was getting a cab home from our own wedding with our two friends and having the driver go through the McDonalds drive-thru. We were all crammed in because my wedding dress almost took up two seats. When we were ordering Todd kept yelling out saying there was a bride in the vehicle, and we all had quite the laugh. I think the employee at McDonalds was a little surprised to see a bride and groom in a cab at the drive-thru window.


Our day:
Bridal Dress: Maggie Sottero from Kleinfeld, The Bay ||  Shoes: Badgley Mischka from The Bay ||  Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Collection After Six in Color Cloudy  ||  Groom and Groomsmen Rentals: The Model Shop ||  Venue: Johnson Geo Centre  ||  Catering: Red Oak Cafe  ||  Bridal Party Florals: By Sharpe Design  ||  Decorator: Borrowed & Blu  ||  Ceremony & Reception Florals: The Flower Studio (through Borrowed & Blu)  ||  Hair: Janelle Mercer  ||  Makeup: Sky Tostowaryk  ||  Photographers: Nate & Nicole  || Videographer:  Nick Wilson  ||  Commissioner: Craig Murphy ||  Ceremony Guitarist: Charlie Barfoot || DJ: Brian Power ||  Transportation: Memories Forever  ||  Cake: Betty's Cakes  ||  Wedding Invitations: Minted

Oh my heart! It's bursting here. One, because I feel like I stepped back in time and getting to relive it all was pretty magical. And two, I finally got this post finished! Yay me! Now, if I could only get a honeymoon post added I can go into hibernation again. I kid! With my track record, it's probably something I shouldn't kid about though, hey?!?

Until next time.


  1. Eeek! What a great walk down memory lane.
    You made the most stunning bride I have ever seen and it was an honour to be a part of your (and Todd’s) special day!!
    These pictures are to die for! It was a rainy day but you definitely shined. ☀️

    Thank you for sharing! 🤗

    1. Aww! Thank you, friend! And thanks for being part of the day and making it extra special for us! Wish we could redo both our weddings again haha! xoxo