I'm certainly going to be testing my memory over here trying to finish off these next few wedding posts. Sometimes I can remember what I wore ten years ago on a certain day, and other times I can't remember what I had for breakfast that morning.  But I guess the saying "we don't remember days, we remember moments" is certainly true because, while some of the very small details from around our wedding may have probably faded, there's so many moments from that time I can still remember so plainly. I'd like to hope it will stay that way but, just in case, it's time I get the rest of those moments on the internet paper.

This was the timeline of events - Thursday night was our rehearsal party, Friday was a girls day, Saturday was our wedding, Sunday was a little post get-together at my parents house, and Monday we left for our honeymoon. I'm sure I've said this before but we really liked how we planned our wedding events. By having our rehearsal party two nights before our wedding, it allowed us to let loose a little more than if it was the night before, and it also gave us a day to relax (aka recover) and finish up any last minute wedding things. Another bonus - it gave us an extra day to spend with our close family and friends!

Let's go back to Friday, June 23rd, 2017, shall we, the day before our wedding. When we woke up that morning, we were literally on a high. It was as if we just ran 10kms and got the best endorphin high without even having to lift a finger. Our rehearsal party the night before was so much fun and now we were getting married tomorrow. 

I started the day off with having a late breakfast at Mallard Cottage with my bridal party, my mom, and mom-in law. Remember how I said I can remember the day so clearly? Well, I can still remember a couple of the girls asking for Tylenol while we were out for breakfast. Haha! Signs of a good night! We then went to the Spa at the Monastery for manicures and pedicures. It's not too often you can get your family and closest girlfriends together for a fun day like this, and I loved having this day with all of them. 

I wish I had more pictures to share but, since all of my iPhone photos got deleted from 2017,
this is the only one I have of this day - thanks to Instagram.

Meanwhile, I just had to ask Todd what he was doing while us girls were off having a girls day, and he said he was running a few last minute wedding errands and cleaning our house and getting it ready for the next day. See, I knew I married a good one!

Later in the afternoon, Todd's brother and sister-in-law invited the two families out to their house for dinner. I loved this part of the day as well! It was a beautiful afternoon so we were outside and there was just something really special about having the two families come together the day before our wedding. My sister and her family live in Ontario so, once again, moments like these are very rare. Plus, I loved watching all of our nieces and nephews playing together. Even though Todd and I had been together for a long time, I remember looking around at everyone at a certain time and feeling like it was officially a union of two families coming together. 

Up until this point, everything for the wedding was done, with the exception of buying flowers at a grocery store for the flower toss and writing our thank-you speech. If I could give any brides-to-be any wedding advice, it would be to not leave the thank-you speech for the last minute. This should be something you truly think about and spend time on, and you don't want to be panicked and rushed and stuck for words like I was. I started the speech at 11 o'clock at night when I should have been trying to get some beauty sleep. Between the wedding nerves and feeling so short on time, my brain was not working like I wanted it to. Luckily it got done, although I think it could have been much better and much more thought out if I had done this in advance.

Me and Todd spent that night apart, but we went back and forth quite a bit on how we were going to spend the night before our wedding. On the one hand, we loved the traditional aspect of separating the night before and we also thought it would lead to more anticipation and excitement when we saw each other for the first time at our ceremony but, on the other hand, we both thought (yes, even Todd) that staying together would give us more comfort on an anxiety-ridden night. I ended up spending the night at my parents house and Todd slept at our house with miss Charley. How did you choose to spend the night before your wedding?   

I mentioned on this post that, besides the day of our rehearsal, I felt extremely calm and care free the entire time leading up to the wedding. Now looking back, even 6 years later, there was only one other time where my emotions wanted to have a real good time and that was saying goodbye to Todd and parting ways the night before. I have no idea why, it wasn't in a 'cold feet' type of way, but the tears started flowing and I found it extremely hard saying goodbye.    

Despite the emotional party that I didn't want to be invited to, I still ended up sleeping pretty good and as soon as my eyes opened the next morning, off to my house I went where all of the girls would be getting ready for our big day. 

Until next time.