I'm so excited today to share with you our last and final week of our honeymoon - Positano, Capri, and Naples, Italy. If you missed the previous posts, we spent the first week of our honeymoon in Venice & Rome, and the second week on a cruise through the Greek Islands.

Honeymoon Itinerary: 
Venice (flew into) - 2 nights
Rome - 4 nights
Cruise (Greece) - 7 nights
Positano - 4 nights
Capri - 2 nights
Naples (flew out of) -1 night

We loved every second of our cruise! Now, normally towards the end of a cruise there's nothing but complete dread as you're thinking about how it's all going to be over soon and back home to reality in no time. Well, do you know what helps with the sadness of a cruise coming to and end? Knowing you're going to be spending an entire week in the South of Italy!! Apparently that's the secret right there, my friends!

During our honeymoon we quickly discovered just how diverse Italy is. Every town and city feels different from the next, and this is just another reason why I fell in love with this country so darn much. With saying that, the South of Italy feels completely different from the North, and in many ways, we felt like we were in a completely different country the last week of our honeymoon.

I was looking forward to that last week of our honeymoon the most and, not only did it did not disappoint, it exceeded my expectations....by far.

If you're looking for sunshine, beaches, amazing pizza, pasta, and gelato at every corner, and even more of that gorgeous Italian charm and scenery, add spending some time in the South of Italy to your bucket list, especially Positano on the Amalfi Coast. I'm pretty confident in saying it will become one of your favourite destinations.


--> From Rome we took a train to Naples and then we had a car service take us directly to Positano. The views driving into Positano were incredible. While I read a lot of people are often nervous with the winding roads and cliffside's, I just remember being in complete awe the entire drive!

--> Positano is nestled between a beach and cliffs on Italy's iconic Amalfi Coast. We made Positano our home base for four nights and, from there, we were able to visit other places on the Amalfi Coast - Sorrento, Amalfi, and Ravello. 

--> We stayed at the Positano Art Hotel Pasitea. If you're looking for a beautiful balcony with stunning views, this is your hotel. When booking this hotel we told them we were on our honeymoon and, while we didn't receive a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne like all other previous hotels had done for us, they did give us a room with the most breathtaking view. And us honeymooners would choose those amazing views any day! This hotel was in a great location - just a short walk from the city center, all the shops and wonderful restaurants. Since it is on the higher side in Positano, it also means it comes with lots of stairs. To get basically anywhere in this town though you need to travel over flights and flights of stairs. But, that's what makes this cliffside village so beautiful! The staff were also so nice and extremely helpful throughout our stay. 

--> The first day was spent exploring Positano and taking a million pictures at every corner (did I mention just how beautiful this town is?!), and eating all of the pizza, pasta, and gelato our little hearts desired! Let me tell you, the pizza, pasta, and gelato here was amazing (and in our opinion, even better than in Venice and Rome). What I learned I didn't like though was the Amalfi Coast's famous limoncello. Yikes!!!

--> The second day was spent relaxing on the beach and then renting a boat for a few hours. This was so much fun! And seeing the colourful buildings nestled on the steep cliffs from afar was even more incredible.

--> Another day we rented a scooter and drove to Sorrento and Amalfi. What a time we had this day! While some would call us crazy for driving the roads on the Amalfi Coast, we took our time and ended up loving every second of it!

--> The most memorable thing we did during our stay was Mamma Agata's cooking class in Ravello. If you can, add this to your bucket list. It was worth every penny and we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. The whole day was spent cooking and eating the most amazing authentic Italian food with the most welcoming Italian family in the most enchanting setting. I promise you, this will be a highlight of your trip. It was for ours. It was an experience of a lifetime for us, and I can still remember the feeling I had within the first ten minutes of starting this class. If you'd like to read more about this class, click here as I wrote a post on it. 

--> To this day, Todd and I both agree that we have never experienced a place more charming than Positano. Our time here just felt so special and magical, and it's even more breathtaking in person. Oh Positano, you truly are one of a kind.


--> From Positano, we had to take a ferry to get to the island of Capri, which took about a half hour. While the ferry distance was only short, the journey to get our luggage from our hotel in Positano (high up on the cliffs) to the ferry port on the beach was quite an interesting one. I can still see poor Todd lugging two big bags over hundreds of stairs. God love him!

--> The ferry ride was a little bumpy that day and luckily we had gravol with us... even though we weren't the ones needing it! The poor man that was sat next to us on the boat was so sick....a memory I won't forget!! 

--> Capri is a small island located just off the coast of the Campania region of Italy. It's widely known for its rugged coastline, luxury hotels and shopping, and lemons literally the size of your face. There are two sides of the island - the main town is Capri, and at the top of the island is Anacapri, 

--> We stayed at Hotel Della Piccola Marina, and we certainly lucked out with another great hotel stay! This was the only hotel during our honeymoon that had a pool, and we were so thankful we could take advantage of the pool and the beautiful outdoor location since we experienced some of the hottest days in Capri. The location of the hotel was also great; only a few minutes from La Piazzetta, the center of Capri. I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting.

--> I had read beforehand that since Capri is so busy with cruise ship passengers during the day, it's best to experience Capri at night, and those articles were so right!! Capri was extremely busy during the day, so we loved having two nights here to experience why so many people fall in love with this island. For us, it was like Capri transformed after sunset - the busyness settled down, a lovely breeze came in, and all of the luxurious people came out to play. Plus, you really couldn't beat the sunsets on the island!!

--> The Blue Grotto is one of the most famous things to do in Capri but, unfortunately due to stronger waves both days, we weren't able to do this. We did get a fun boat tour out of it though, and we were able to see the Faraglioni Rocks up close and even more amazing views of the rocky cliffs all around. I guess that means we'll have to go back one day to knock off the Blue Grotto from the bucket list.

--> We spent our time wandering around the island (it's a great place to walk and get lost!), doing lots of window shopping, eating our way again through all of the pizza, pasta and gelato, and exploring the Garden of Augusts. Another highlight - seeing Katy Perry one night doing some shopping herself! 

--> We loved Capri and our time here! The views were spectacular, the people were so friendly, and the overall culture is both romantic and magical! Perfecto!


--> From Capri, we took a ferry to Naples, or so Todd tells me. For the life of me, I honestly can't remember this part. I guess my brain knew our wonderful vacation was soon coming to an end and it wanted to block this part out to save me from the distress. 

--> We spent the day walking around and trying to see as much as the city on foot as we could in a short time. Since we only had one night here, it was hard to get a feel for Naples and know what it was truly all about.

--> We all know Naples is known for it's pizza though, and I will say we did get to test this one out a few times. Out of all the pizza we had eaten on our honeymoon (and, trust me, it was A LOT), Naples was definitely our favourite. 

-- > We stayed at the Grand Hotel Oriente. Great location, clean rooms, and wonderful service. A perfect hotel needed for only one night.

Well, that's the end of the honeymoon posts. I can't believe they're over!! I had so much fun going back through all of our pictures and getting to share them here. Although it's been almost six years (*gasps!), I recall our honeymoon trip like it was yesterday. 

Getting to experience a taste of Italy was literally a dream come true, but it only furthered my love for Italy and my desire to want to return and see even more of the country.

There was truly no other place that I would have wanted to experience our time as a newly married couple.  Italy, you will always have our hearts!

Until next time.