We're officially in the month of June, folks! Can you believe it? I sure can't! While I'm happy we're now moving into the summer months, it is a little crazy just how fast time is flying by. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was here talking about how bad the weather was in April. Maybe that's because it's June and I'm still talking about how crappy our weather has been. It seems that's what everyone here in Newfoundland is talking and complaining about though. I can't remember the last time we had such a horrible spring. It's been bad, folks. Like, really, really bad! Moving on.....

In May, we spent three weekends at our cabin, with one of those weekends being the May 24th long weekend. During the holiday weekend we met with some friends and were gone all day on an ATV run. There were 14 people and 8 ATV's in total. It was a super windy day, but we still had fun nonetheless. The other two weekends were spent spreading topsoil and grass seed. This is the third year trying to grow grass at our cabin. We're really not having much luck, but we're hoping the third time is the charm! (In our defense, the first year we put grass seed down in a heat wave so that year doesn't really count!).

It's time I mention Todd and the half Iron Man race he has coming up! Last summer he got it in his mind to sign up for a half Iron Man in Mount Tremblant, QC on June 25th. The race consists of a 2km swim, a 90km bike ride, and a 20km run (jesh, I'm tired just writing that out!). He's been training so hard since January, and I've been so proud of him. He's really come a long way, especially with his swimming. It's been amazing watching how far he's come! I'm going to be so nervous for his race in a few weeks, but I can't wait to cheer him on!! 

I, myself, have been trying to get more active over the last couple of weeks (I mean, not 'half Iron Man' active, just not 'sit on the couch all night' active). Despite the weather being terrible, I've been forcing myself to get outside more and do something in the evenings like walking, running, or playing tennis. So far this week I've done one walk, one smaller run, and played 3 games of tennis. I haven't ran in months and months, so the run was TOUGH, but the hardest part is always starting so I'm hoping it will only get easier (and more enjoyable) from here on out.

Back to sitting on the couch for a second. I'm on the hunt for new tv shows because I've ran out of things to watch. A few weeks ago we finished watching Firefly Lane and haven't found anything appealing since then. Have you watched Firefly Lane? I really enjoyed the second season, although I was not prepared for the waterworks that came along with it. This past weekend we also watched the movie "Air" on Amazon Prime. It was really good, and definitely worth the watch.

I'm ending this Friday Five off with a quote. I figured we can all use a little positivity going into the weekend, am I right?  

Until next time.